ALA Midwinter 2012

John Green Did Not Forget To Be AWESOME #alamw12

I heard him speak this morning. This man makes me T-H-I-N-K.  His talk in the Convention Center Theater was sponsored by Penguin Young Readers.  John is on a book tour for his latest YA novel, The Fault In Our Stars (Dutton) — he’s traveling with his brother Hank in a distinctively decorated van. Watch for it!  There’s an Xbox inside but no beds.

So the first thing he did, being an honest guy, was admit to being sleep-deprived — something I’m guessing a lot of the audience was too.   But it was nothing but high energy from that point on.  John talked a little about the book. He’s been trying to write it for years but it took the birth of his son Henry and a friendship with a very ill young girl to bring it all together.

Then he talked about social networking — which he says you might as well just say the Internet because just about the whole Internet is social now.  What does he want librarians to do?  Claim those digital spaces — do what we do best there and raise the level of discourse.  Use it, not just to organize and disseminate information, but to improve the world.

Gosh, so inspiring.  I wish you were all there!

Becky White  

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  1. Heather

    John Green would never, ever, ever forget to be awesome! I can’t wait to get my hands on his new book (I’m at the top of the holds list). Great post 🙂

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