Five Great Apps for Under-Fives

Last month, I blogged about circulating iPads in the Children’s Library. I’ll be writing a follow-up post in a few months with an update on how the kits are circulating, what the parent and child feedback has been, and which new apps we’ve selected for our “2.0 version” kits. In the meantime, here are five fabulous apps for children between two- and five-years-old that are included in our iPad kits:

1. Intro to Letters  

Publisher: Montessorium

Price: $4.99

Not only does this app help reinforce letter knowledge through tracing, and phonological awareness via the recording feature, but the design is reminiscent of the gorgeous simplicity of the famed Montessori toys and blocks. Form and function combine brilliantly is this app that is ideal for preschoolers.

2. PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit  

Publisher: Loud Crow Interactive

Price: $4.99

This is, by far, one of the very best interactive book-based apps I have seen. The narration unfolds naturally, the illustrations are Potter’s charming originals brought to “pop-up” life, and the music is enchanting (although both the music and narration can be shut off for a more traditional reading experience.) We often select this app to play on the mounted iPad that lives in our picture book area. Children and adults of all ages enjoy listening to the story, finding surprises hidden in the interactive elements, and listening to the gentle score.

3. Sound Shaker   

Publisher: Tickle Tap Apps

Price: $1.99

This highly interactive musical app is fun, funny, and anything but passive. Touches, tilts, and shakes all combine to create different sounds and visual reactions. For children with sensory integration disorders, this app can also offer some wonderful ways to play with kinesthetic learning on the iPad.

4. Moo Baa La La La!

Publisher: Loud Crow Interactive

Price: $3.99

Being a diehard fan of pretty much everything Sandra Boynton does, be it print or digital, I had a hard time selecting my favorite Boynton app. I could have gone with Blue Hat, Green Hat, The Going to Bed Book, or Barnyard Dance. They are all hilarious, entirely kid-centric, and superbly designed app adaptations of the terrific print versions. If I had to choose just one Boynton app, though, I’d have to go with the one that includes three vaudevillian chickens harmonizing (“La la la! LAAA!”) at the touch of a finger. Magical and giggle-worthly every time.

5. eliasMatch  

Publisher: Elias Smiles

Price: $1.99

This simple matching and memory game reinforces basic concepts like letters, numbers and shapes. It also features doe-eyed animals and unexpectedly funny animal sounds. Children can progress to more challenging levels as they successfully match items. Despite its seeming simplicity, this is easily the most popular and asked-for app that we use on our mounted iPad. Children- from toddlers to elementary-aged kids- cannot get enough.


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  1. Ruth Witter

    This is awesome. I would love to do something like this at my school library. I am at a Title I school so I think the kids would really enjoy this as many of them don’t get to use things like the iPad

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