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Everybody Complains About the Weather, But Nobody Does Anything About It

Weather story time themes offer a multitude of delicious read alouds, perfect for any season. Planning a weather story time is a tricky thing; your winter story time will inevitably fall on a day boasting above average temperatures. If it’s at all possible, keeping a stash of  titles and fingerplays handy will help you dash off a (seemingly) perfectly timed story time for your brave and loyal story time patrons who weathered the elements in order to attend your awesome story time.



I’m a fan of Amy Hest’s Baby Duck books; In the Rain With Baby Duck is my favorite of the bunch.  Baby Duck does not take to water like most ducks do, so her parents have to encourage her on their walk to her grandparents’ house.  Baby Duck is in a toddler-sized funk until she discovers a splendid surprise in the attic.  Baby Duck makes up a song about the rain, so you might want to think of a tune before reading it to your group.


There isn’t an abundance of text in Rain, so this works well for a very young group. If you do a “five senses” story time, this would be a great inclusion, for the animals use their senses to track the rain.



Snowballs is a standard in my winter-themed story time. No matter how many terrific new snow-related read alouds are published, Snowballs will always be one of my read aloud selections.  The collage artwork is inventive and irresistible; children and parents are mesmerized by the creations.  They may be inspired to make their own snow people family the next time a heavy snowfall occurs! Facts about snow, a two-page spread of the items Ehlert used to make her snow people, and a popcorn ball recipe are included.


What are your favorite weather-themed read alouds? Any new favorites from 2011?


  1. Andrea

    I love My Side of the Car by Kate Feiffer with Sadie’s optimistic denial of the rain.

  2. Amy

    I love Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain for a weather book – it works whether it’s raining or you are in a drought. Snow Dance is another good one, since it doesn’t have to be snowing to enjoy it – instead you can have a dance party break to try and bring on wanted snow.

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