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The best $95 you (or your library) will spend this winter!

You’re busy, I know. But if you (or, even better, your library) has $95.00, and you can spend a few hours a week over the course of a month, the return on your investment can be great! I just finished another ALSC Online Course, Series Programming for the Elementary School Age, with instructor, Lisa Shaia.

I would venture to guess that most of us who are working in public libraries can draw a crowd of preschoolers to library programs. But how many of us are successful at attracting older children to library programs on a regular basis? It’s one thing when Mom is making the choices. It’s quite another when a child is beginning to make his own choices. Library programs may not be high on his wish list of fun things to do.

But what if your library were offering

  • a Mysterious Benedict Society weekly club?
  •  a Geronimo Stilton Club?
  • 39 Clues?
  • American Girls?

    Suppose each weekly club meeting featured music, book activities, fun, “take-homes,” and  more?

Now your chances of drawing a school-aged crowd have grown exponentially. If you’re a school media specialist, now you’ve got a great after-school program.

These are just some of the multi-week “clubs” created by the members in my most recent course. Not only do we each have our own 4 to 8-week program ready to go for the winter, but we also shared our creations. Was it a lot of work? Actually, yes, it was; but the payoff is worth the effort. And, admit it, if you’re like me, without a course like this to prod you along, you might not attempt a 4-week club for school-aged children.

My new club will debut in February, and I think the local kids will appreciate the effort. Remember, professional development isn’t just for us, it’s for them.

What can you learn this winter for your library’s kids?

The ALSC Online Education Winter 2012 classes are posted now. Choose one and give it a try! You won’t be sorry.


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