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You know you’re a children’s librarian when…

You know you’re a children’s librarian when …

you secure a great new position that’s very close to home and you lament the lost commuting time because you used it to catch up on audiobooks!

I love to listen to audiobooks. It helps me to stay up-to-date on children’s literature, but, I don’t see many kids checking out audiobooks. Are you a fan children’s audiobooks? Do they circulate well in your library?

My new commuting vehicle!


  1. elizabeth

    We have a few kids that are get one with each check out with their older chapter books. The younger crew tend to shy away from the boxed audiobook and print book editions we have. I think it’s because of the bulky boxes but we try and sell them and especially to those struggling readers. A lot of the homeschool families like to take them for their commutes to various activities.

  2. Monica

    I’ve been doing my best to “sell” audiobooks to kids who are coming in for class visits. The middle schoolers have started picking them up and I’ve mentioned to them that some people who are having trouble with a book — whether the book’s too long or maybe they just aren’t that excited about it — sometimes find it easier to be able to listen to the story while reading it. I also have a woman who is mentally handicapped and has terrible eyesight who checks out several audiobooks when she comes in, and she will usually check out the children’s section. I think it’s helped them circulate a bit more.

  3. Eveleen

    We have several families who come in to load up on audio books for their family road trips. But I do find that it can be a hard sell for kids who are not avid book readers. Thankfully once I tell them that they can check out the book as well to follow along, its like you just unveiled a whole new part of the library to them.

  4. Dan Rude

    Nice wheels Lisa! I’ll wager you can fit a lot books into those wire baskets.

    1. Lisa

      yes, I can! 🙂

  5. Abby

    I totally hear ya… One of the reasons I am loathe to move closer to my job is that I actually like having the commute time to listen to audiobooks! I am a HUGE audiobook fan and we do have children’s audiobooks at my library. At the moment, the audiobooks are shelved in the media department and at some point they’ll be coming over to our children’s room where I can really promote the heck out of them!

  6. Jennifer

    Our kids really like Playaways so I keep buying them, even though we have a lot of technical problems with them. Our audiobooks mostly check out in the summer – during the school year they usually only go out if a parent or teacher is requiring a child to simultaneously read and listen.

    1. Lisa

      We have Playaways, but they’re housed at a different branch, so I don’t see them go out much. What type of technical problems do you have? I thought they were so simple. Skipping?

  7. Jeanette Larson

    Very funny. I must admit I disliked getting a job closer to home because it limited my listening time. I learned so much about children’s literature listening to audiobooks.

  8. Jennifer

    They just…die. It’s seriously weird b/c our middle school has a bunch and have never had a problem with them. The newer version seems to work better though.

  9. Michelle

    Our audiobooks circulate very well. Playaways took off like crazy, and have steadily increased in circulation since we got them. Kids are drawn to them because they can listen to them on their own.

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