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What They’re Sayin’ About ALSC Online Courses

ALSC Online EducationThe time to sign up for Summer 2011 ALSC Online Courses is dwindling! Monday, July 11 is your last opportunity to get into one of five excellent courses. Each offer a hands-on learning experience and way to connect with other professionals in your field.

Not convinced? See what fellow students are saying about these courses:

Series Programming for the Elementary Age with Lisa M. Shaia

“Having time to discuss with other childrens librarians was a great part of this experience.”

“Well worth the time spent–great learning experience. Thank you!”

Newbery Medal: Past, Present and Future with K.T. Horning

“I thank K.T. and my classmates for helping me learn the ropes. It was a positive experience and I will try to register for more classes in the future.”

“I did really love the Moodle interface, having never taken an online course I had very low expectations–and I was very pleasantly surprised by how nice it was.”

Information Literacy: From Preschool to High School with Maryann Mori

“Ms. Mori is an excellent teacher and very skilled at working within the online environment.”

“I would definitely take another class with this instructor.”

Out of This World Youth Programming with Angela Young

“I felt that the instructor provided a plethora of information, handouts and resources for our learning and use going forward. Very well done.”

” I loved this course.”

Reading Instruction and Children’s Books with Katherine (Kate) Todd

“It is great to be able to take a course relevant to my job without having to take a college course – and learn the info I need to help my patrons.”

“I appreciated being able to take instruction online and especially having the course be flexible for time. It would have been very difficult to take one that required a lot of regular real-time sessions, because I work full-time in the library.”

“The instructor put together great resources (online, PowerPoints, and pdfs) that I will find very helpful in the future (as well as I did in the class).”

To sign up for an online course or to learn more about online learning, please visit the ALSC professional development site. While you’re there, make sure to check out the upcoming Fall 2011 courses descriptions.

Questions? Contact ALSC Program Officer Jenny Najduch, or 800-545-2433 ext 4026.

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