ALA Annual 2011

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What do a medieval girl with a disability, a large, really, really gay teen musical star, and a Boovish alien all have in common?

They’re characters voiced in audiobooks honored in the 2011 Odyssey Awards! I attended the Odyssey Award reception and heard fabulous speeches and readings by some of my very favorite audiobook narrators. Katherine Kellgren (pictured), Nick Podehl, Emma Bering, Emily Jane Card, Macleod (pronounced “McLoud”) Andrews, and Bahni Turpin gave wonderful speeches at this year’s reception. We also heard Katherine Kellgren, Nick Podehl, and Macleod Andrews read from their honored books.

For an audiophile such as myself, it was certainly a thrill to meet some of my favorite narrators. And I’m kicking myself for not picking up each and every audiobook honored because they all sound fantastic. Believe me, I’ll be rectifying that oversight as soon as I get home!


  1. Mary Voors

    I’ve always wanted to go to the Odyssey Awards. Thanks for sharing a bit about it.

  2. Mary Ann Scheuer

    Abby, this was definitely a highlight of my whole weekend. I can’t believe how much I laughed, sighed, smiled and enjoyed these speeches. These artists inspire me, and to see them perform in person was amazing. I have not listened to Will Grayson, Will Grayson and need to right away! I just wish we could capture how funny Nick and Macleod were!

  3. Shelf-employed

    I’m sorry I missed this one. I heard that it was fantastic!

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