ALA Annual 2011

Back to reality

Yesterday was my first day back at work after a magical #ala11 weekend.  During my pre-work run, the following appropriate songs came up on my Ipod shuffle, in this order:

  1. I’m So Tired by the Beatles – Does ANYone get enough sleep at ALA?  Not this librarian!  And small wonder, given how much fun I had
  2. Early in the Mornin’ by Buddy Guy – Appropriate not only because Buddy Guy is a Louisiana native son, but also for the bluesy lyrics “Now it’s early in the morning … and I ain’t got nothin’ but the blues”.  Hello, Post-ALA Depression!
  3. Dawning of a New Era by The Specials – Don’t you feel as if you now have enough energy and inspiration and ideas to change the world – or at least your library system – or at least your own tiny corner of your library system?!  It could well be the dawning of a new era…

My last official event at ALA was the Coretta Scott King Breakfast.  The dais was packed two layers deep with luminaries, the speeches were amazing (especially from Bryan Collier, winner of the Illustrator award for Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave), and the fashions were splendid (especially when you consider the 7 am start time).  It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to attend this event, mainly because I usually need to be back at work on Tuesday.  Good news – the CSK breakfast will be moved to Sunday morning in 2012, meaning that Sundays at ALA for children’s librarians will be bookended by two must-attend awards events.  Yes!

And now, this newly invigorated librarian is getting back to work.

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  1. Mary Voors

    What great news about next year’s Coretta Scott King breakfast! I’m absolutely going to plan on it next year!

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