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Olivia Storytime!

So, what do you do when your K-3rd graders think they’re too “old” for storytime? (When, of course, we as librarians know that they love being read aloud to and that they need multiple role models reading to them.) At my library, we choose to focus on a popular character and call it a “party” instead of a storytime.

Last month, I hosted one of these party/storytimes based on the Olivia books by Ian Falconer.

I always start the program off with the books part. This time I read three Olivia books and did a flannelboard before it was on to the games!

Olivia Flannelboard

(I used the puppet templates from Nick Jr. to make the flannelboard pieces — there are puppets for each member of Olivia’s family.)

Most of my ideas were found online on either the official Olivia page (most publishers have PDFs of activities for teachers and librarians for their book series) or on Nick Jr.’s website.

For our craft, I used the puppets and puppet scenery from Nick Jr. to make this portable puppet theater:

Olivia Puppet Craft

And as for the kids? They loved this program, and it was a big hit. When one of my little girls left, she asked her mom if they could come to the library every day.

This was such an easy program to put together that I just had to share! Have you had any other successful character storytimes?

– Katie Salo, Youth Services Manager
Melrose Park Library


  1. Serena

    We had a Fancy Nancy Tea Party during spring break. It was for 5-8 year olds and it had games, stories, and food. It was mostly girls who attended, but there were a few boys. The most fun part was that everyone what attended, and our staff as well, dressed up in something fancy for the day. The program was so successful that we had to schedule in a second session later in the week.

  2. chuck

    I would encourage every parent, librarian, teacher, etc. to steer clear of Olivia Goes To Venice. Falconer has chosen to provide a very disturbing image of Olivia being treated as a criminal – and she’s “very happy” about that.

  3. Ms Krystal

    At my library, I present a Sunday program that we call “Sunday Spectaculars”. They are family events that are known in the community as “Literacy Parties”!
    Many parents have made comments about the programs being just like a birthday party based on chikdren’s books. 🙂 The “parties” are one of our most popular programs!

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