Show Your Support with an ALSC Button

Claim your button! We’ve recently add our own buttons (or widgets) to our blog that give you the opporunity to help support ALSC. What are we talking about? These little things:


Like our buttons? You’re welcome to help yourself. Put them on your blog and help us reach out to all of the people out there who are interested in possibly becoming an ALSC member.

Have a blog but don’t know how to install your button? Check out the ALSC Wiki for a handy-dandy guide to installing ALSC buttons. Happy blogging!

By the way, thanks go out to ALSC Blogger Lisa Taylor for suggesting this idea!


  1. Lisa

    Thanks! I’m using it already.

  2. Marge Loch-Wouters

    And thanks for the great instructions so I could actually get it on there easily. Woot! In my newest blogpost!

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