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It takes me awhile to process everything from Conference but one of the highlights was seeing Jon Scieszka, our National Ambassador of Literature for Young People. He is always charming and funny. We talked about a serious topic, however. Many of us are familiar with his Guys Read program but Jon has also started Guys Listen. This program recognizes that reading can be defined broadly, especially if we want to involve boys in literature and the joy of reading. The program is just getting started but Listening Library/Books on Tape has posted some information on their website, including a sampler of audiobook recommendations for boys. Librarians can listen online, or request copies of the sampler by email from The samplers would be great promotional items for the end of summer reading programs. ALSC member Rose Brock was very involved in developing the program, which will continue to grow with a Guys Listen website that is not quite ready to go live yet. Keep watching…and listening!

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  1. Teresa Walls

    Wonderful! I too am still processing. Your post demonstrates how valuable conferences are, not just for the sessions, but for the sharing of information amongst people in more casual settings. Thanks!

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