Programming Ideas

Letter Parade

How about leading a letter parade at your next preschool or family storytime? You could give everyone the same letter. You could mix it up and give everyone a different letter. Maybe a vowel parade? Or only certain consonants? Or blends? During the parade, you could make the sounds of the letters or call out the letter names or say words that start with that letter or end with that letter. Children could take turns leading the parade. They could carry hand-lettered signs that they make with their caregivers or a letter that they can trace with their fingers. Or skip the fine-motor skills and move right into large motor skills by parading in letter shapes that you put on your floor, perhaps with masking tape or carpet squares. Take the parade outside the program room, maybe even outside your department or even your building (if you have enough caregivers along and the appropriate space). Add some marching music if you want.

Ah, I love a parade!

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