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Camaraderie & Connections

Despite their atrociousness, book bans are on the rise in school districts and libraries across the United States. In these times of uncertainty and volatility, I believe now more than ever in the importance of the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) and the American Library Association (ALA). Organizations like these, and especially their members, are invaluable to those serving children and their caregivers. Besides just being an excellent resource, ALSC is a community that supports library staff who work with the youth. Being a part of ALSC has been a huge help for me to grow and succeed as a children’s librarian.  

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Growing Together with your Community

Libraries often need to overcome barriers in order to provide services to those who need them most, but how? There’s no specific answer that will work for every library, so instead we suggest focusing on the idea of planning library services as a growing experience. By this we mean that success is easier to find when we consider the uniqueness of our individual communities and tailor our offerings accordingly, essentially growing our offered services to be more of what our communities want, as opposed to planning exclusively around what we might think they need. The suggestions below include specific examples of ways to employ this mindset, and we hope that they can aid other youth services professionals (especially those looking to reach underserved families) in their planning process. Research and Repeat Growing with your community involves research, and lots of it!  Luckily, research includes everything from sitting down at a…

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Share Queer Joy

I am afraid to put up a Pride display. That feels unprofessional to admit, but it’s true. I live and work in a very liberal area, and yet I am still afraid. From book bans to anti-trans bills to storytime protests, it is a very scary time to be under the LGBTQIA umbrella, an umbrella that feels paper thin against the onslaughts of contemporary hatred. This June, let us shine a light on books of queer joy. That joy can be so hard to keep alight on our own.


Climate Change Books for Children

Climate change is a hot button issue and more children’s books have been focusing on the subject. From picture books to middle grade novels, climate change has made its way into the world of children’s books. Below are some recommended books for children that explain climate change. Not only do these books highlight this important issue, but they show children how they can help save our planet on a local level. 

Awards & Scholarships

Seeking Nominations for the Children’s Literature Award

The ALSC Children’s Literature Lecture is an annual event that started in 1970. Each year, a chosen lecturer prepares a paper and talk considered to be a significant contribution to the field of children’s literature. Most recently, Bryan Collier presented the 2023 lecture, and Rita Williams Garcia is slated to present in 2024. The complete list of past lecturers is on the ALSC website.

Children and Libraries (CAL)

Dear Reader, Meet CAL

Hey ALSC Members, have you read Children and Libraries lately? Children and Libraries (CAL) is ALSC’s quarterly journal written by members just like you. When I was a fresh MLIS graduate and working as the only children’s librarian at my first job it was hard to find peers that I could rely on. Having already been a member of ALSC, however, I relied (and still do!) heavily on CAL. While I didn’t know many youth librarians in the field yet, I now recognize many names in each issue of CAL – for the articles they are authoring and the great work they are doing. Children and Libraries is an excellent form of continuing education for any librarian working with youth whether you’re new to the field or looking for new tips and best practices.