ALA Midwinter 2016

Notable Children’s Sound Recordings — 2016 Discussion List

Barbara Scotto, the chair of the 2016 Notable Children’s Recordings Committee, and the entire NCR committee, invite you to join them at their Midwinter discussions, taking place in the Renaissance Waterfront, Room Georges, at the following times: Friday, January 8, 8:30 pm – 4:30 pm Saturday, January 9, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Sunday, January 10, 1:30 pm – 9:00 pm The complete discussion list is below: A Dragon’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans, 3 hrs 58 min, cd, $30.00, Listening Library, 9781101891582 A House for a Hermit Crab, 11 min, cd+bk, $12.95, Weston Woods, 9780545875004 A Plague of Bogles, 7 hrs 16 min, cd, $45.00, Listening Library, 9780553556261 All American Boys, 6 hrs 30 min, mp3, $17.99, Simon & Schuster, 9781442398672 All Around This World: Africa, 1 hr 24 min, cd, $18.99, CD Baby/Sugar Mountain All Fall Down, 8 hrs 34 min, cd, $74.99, Scholastic, 9780545788342…

ALA Midwinter 2015

Notable Sound Recordings — 2015 Discussion List

Jennifer Duffy, chair, and the rest of the 2015 Notable Sound Recordings Committee, invite you to join them at their Midwinter discussions, taking place on Friday, January 30th through Sunday, February 1st, in the Lake Michigan Room of the Chicago Hilton. The complete discussion list is below. Titles with an asterisk indicate that the book was already discussed at the Annual Conference last summer. ************************************************************** *The Abominables, 5 hr 15 min, cd, $51.75, Recorded Books, 9781490620954 American Heroes #4, 41 min, cd, $13.98, Sprout Recordings, 8450197674 Angus and Sadie, 4 hr 28 min, cd, $30, Listening Library, 9780553396379 Betty Bunny Didn’t Do It, 13 min, book + cd, $29.95, Live Oak Media, 9781430117698 Blind, 10 hr 41 min, cd, $55, Listening Library, 9781101890974 Blood Ties: Spirit Animals #3, 5 hr 29 min, cd, $54.99, Scholastic Audio, 9780545648769 *The Bossy E, 33 min, cd, $15, Coil Records, 8829510081 The Boundless, 8 hr…

Audio books

What GREAT children’s recordings have you listened to this year?

ALSC members are cordially invited to participate in the 2015 Notable Children’s Recordings list by submitting titles for consideration.  The Notable Children’s Recordings Committee’s charge is to select, annotate, and present for publication an annual list of notable audio recordings (music, audiobooks, and read-along kits) of interest to young people from birth through age 14.  The recordings must have been released between November 1, 2013, and October 31, 2014, and be available through a US distributor.  Please follow this link to find out more details about the list and criteria for inclusion: The column on the left of that page includes links for information about NCR, including Committee Members, Submission Process, and Past NCR lists. Please send suggestions with full bibliographic information to chairperson Jennifer Duffy at The deadline to submit title suggestions is October 31st.

ALA Midwinter 2014

Notable Children’s Recordings — 2014 Discussion List

Lynda A. Salem Poling, chair, and the rest of the 2014 Notable Children’s Recordings Committee, invite you to join them at their Midwinter discussions, taking place on Friday, January 24 9:00 – 4:00; Saturday, January 25 9:00 – 5:30; and Sunday, January 26 1:30 – 9:00 pm at the Sheraton Downtown Philadelphia in Seminar C. The discussion list is below. An asterix (*) indicates a title that was discussed at Annual. Aces Wild, 5 hrs 21, CD, $30.00, Listening Library, 9780385393300 Al Capone Does My Homework, 6 hrs 4, CD, $40.00, Listening Library, 9780385361620 *And Then it’s Spring, 10 min, book + CD, $12.95, Weston Woods, 9780545571340 Bear Has a Story to Tell, 19 min, book + CD, $12.95, Weston Woods, 9780545570350 Beauty: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast, 7 hrs 5, CD, $51.75, Recorded Books, 9781470360238 *Beholding Bee, 8 hrs 6, CD, $45.00, Listening Library, 9780385361293 Below, 4…