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Teach Me Something Fun: Media Mentorship and Online Learning

“Libraries are about access, and we need to step up to provide ALL TYPES OF ACCESS.” –Amy Koester, ALSC Blog, Our Future Includes EBooks #alamw13, January 24, 2013 Online learning is a topic that deserves more focus.  Normally, in my conversations about electronic resources, the attention is mainly on ebooks or databases. Libraries, as informal and self directed centers of learning, have been concentrating more on online learning, and it is obvious we need to remember children in this movement as well. Yet when I did a quick and informal survey of library websites, I see much work and time has been spent by libraries on evaluating and recommending online learning sites, and some libraries have even created their own. Through media mentorship, we can draw both our young patrons and their caregivers to the many online learning products, free and paid for, that we subscribe to, find, evaluate, and…

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STEM Learning with Graphic Novels

Are you looking for some great educational graphic novel choices? I love when graphic novels include a sprinkling of non-fiction concepts throughout the pages making them perfect for comic fans but also a great way to introduce STEM concepts. Take a look at some of my recommended titles below:

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Pack in the fun with Nature Backpacks

The heady months of summer are winding down, yet you still may be experiencing an influx of young people in the library. While this is a fun time to see so many new faces in the library, the nice weather creates an opportunity to partner with your local forest service or park service departments to encourage families to explore the outdoors into the upcoming autumn. 

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Tech for STEAM Learning, Play, and Programming

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with choices when it comes to the ever changing world of technology, but part of the fun can be exploring the fun, new gadgets and toys that come out! By speaking with other youth services librarians, keeping in touch via social media, and sharing our work, I’ve discovered that the task of keeping up with the next big thing becomes a little easier.

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52 Weeks of STEM @ Your Library #alaac16

STEM programming isn’t scary, it’s fun! At least that’s the message Heather Love Beverley and Heather Thompson from Cook Memorial Public Library District in Illinois gave a packed audience today at their 52 Weeks of STEM @ Your Library program. From hydraulic butterflies, DIY Rollercoaster to programming without computers, they shared how to add engaging STEM programming into your library.

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STEAM programming in Acton-Agua Dulce and Moose Jaw

Maker programming is a large trend in public libraries throughout North America. By researching kit options and planning for added costs, public libraries can develop successful steam programming. Moose Jaw Public Library has invested in a number of Maker programming initiatives which have been well received, including MakeDo, Squishy Circuits, and Little Bits. Prior to purchasing we sought reviews from a number of sources, including communications with other librarians,, and reviews at PLA and at other conferences. We funded our Maker programs through a grant and through donations from our local Friends of the Library. MakeDo encourages children to explore basic engineering principles. Each kit comes with a plastic safe saw, and several pins and hinges. Each library supplies cardboard boxes and the paper supplies required by the kits. Children can build anything they wish, or follow the kit instructions. While they cannot take their creations home, they can…