What makes rural services to school-age children different?

I live and work in Nevada County, which is actually in California, to the great confusion of search engines and non-Californians (and many Californians). Our county has just under 100,000 people and 68% of people live in unincorporated areas, and 93.6% of the population is white (according to 2016 numbers from the US census). This county also skews older, with just 21% of the population under 18. Every rural county is incredibly different, so I cannot pretend to represent what working in a rural county is like everywhere, but here is my experience. I was born in San Francisco and lived there until I moved across the bridge to suburban Marin, worked in Oakland, and then in suburban Connecticut before landing here. Living in rural California has me understanding my own lens as urban. I expect excellent services that are easy to access. Patrons up here know that services exist,…

ALA Midwinter 2018

Namaste, Library Peeps : Getting My Zen On at #alamw2018

One of the coolest amenities at ALA Midwinter 2018 was the Yoga / Meditation Room. I hope many of you had a chance to stop in for a moment, or two, or …. just hang out and be present for a while.     For the past few conferences, ALA has been sponsoring the yoga / meditation room. Since I am moderately obsessed with yoga (although I’m not sure if that is a very “yogi” thing to say) I stopped by Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and got in some abbreviated practice. Even if you don’t have a yoga practice, being able to sit down and collect your thoughts and just BE for 10 minutes or so can be beneficial to both your mental and physical health. I found the room here in Denver to be an oasis of calm.  Dim lights, soothing music, mats and meditation cushions as well as…

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Library Resolutions

Happy New Year! Over the years, I’ve started to give up on New Year’s Resolutions.  For me, they usually involve some form of overachieving or totally revamping something, and then when I eventually give up, I feel horrible. This year, I’ve decided to not have personal resolutions, but instead professional ones; resolutions that will help me be a better librarian and better serve my community. Below are my top 3.

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Workplace Dress Codes – Does Your Library Have One?

The next two weeks at work are a couple of my favorites. You would probably assume the reason for this is because of the holidays: time off, free treats to be found everywhere, and most everyone is in a good mood. In reality, they rank up there because my library is running a Jeans for Charity event. Two or three times a year, our staff is allowed to wear jeans in exchange for a $5 minimum donation to charity. A different charity is selected each time. Past beneficiaries include animal shelters, Family Alliance (a health service), and a battered women’s shelter. Why, Alexa, (you ask) are you so excited to wear jeans?  Because my library has a dress code. A dress code that prohibits blue jeans, shorts, sneakers, t-shirts with writing (other than our SRP shirts), and backless shoes. It is probably best escribed as business-professional. I do enjoy dressing…

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Trending Tweenward

Anyone who has worked with me probably knows that I have a special place in my heart for Tweens. I love tween books and tween programs.  At my old branch, we had a Tween Area, and I have even graced a few of my Tweens’ Snapchats. What I also like about Tweens is that they are a bridge.  They are bridge to Children’s Librarians and Teen Librarians, to us and Teen Services- particularly if you are like me and serving as a Children’s and Teen Librarian!  In my experience when you say “I’m a Children’s Librarian” to someone, what comes to mind is younger kids. Tweens can sometimes be forgotten or overlooked, making me wonder if there will ever be a Tween Librarian position. I guess it was a no brainer that I attended YALSA’s 2017 YA Symposium in Louisville, Kentucky two weeks ago.  I sat in on sessions ranging…