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Family Fun at the library!

A childhood dream of mine was to be in the library after everyone left and being surrounded by all of the books! To be at the library after hours seemed like such a wonderful adventure. Well at my library, several children received that opportunity when our library partnered with a local elementary school for an afterhours Family Fun Night. I am very fortunate that my library system, Worthington Libraries does value the partnerships we have with our school district. On a Friday evening in March, after we had closed our doors, the library came alive for 150 students, their parents and friends. At my library, Worthington Libraries, fun is one of our core values and we strive on planning everything we do to meet our mission statement, Worthington Libraries connect people to a world of ideas and each other.  This Family Fun Night allowed students, parents and teachers a real…

ALA Annual 2018

#alaac18: Staying Safe in New Orleans

There are under 3 weeks left until the ALA Annual! As the Chair of ALSC’s Local Arrangements Committee, I’m feeling that nervous combination of anticipation and excitement, like I’m the hostess for the biggest party I’ve ever imagined. And because I feel like all of the ALSC members in particular, and ALA members in general, are like friends or extended family, I want to make sure everyone stays safe while you’re here in my hometown. Most ALA Annual events are taking place in the Warehouse District, the area surrounding the Morial Convention Center. There are a lot of great restaurants and museums that you could experience just staying in that area, but I highly recommend also traveling across Canal Street and visiting the historic French Quarter. And just on the far side of the French Quarter is Frenchman Street in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood, which is home to some of…

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Harry Potter Party

Pin the ScarHarry Potter

This summer marks the 20th anniversary of the U.S. printing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and what better day to celebrate this anniversary than on July 31, Harry’s birthday! These past few summers, my library has celebrated Harry Potter by throwing a special event complete with wands, scarves, and other fun activities. Every year we look at ways to improve our party, and this year is no exception. With limited space and staff, here is a run down of our last year’s celebration.

Early Literacy

Getting Creative: Utilizing Volunteers in Early Literacy Outreach

If your library, like ours, is working with too few staff and is receiving more requests for outreach visits, it might be time to get creative. About a year ago, we attended a wonderful state library conference session presented by Deschutes County in which they described their volunteer outreach program. While their library system is much more robust than our single library, we saw potential in their model for our needs. Below is a series of questions, with some of our answers, that served as a foundation for developing our program. While this outline is by no means exhaustive, and will require customization for your organization, we hope this can spark ideas for your own creative solutions.

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Libraries Rock, Part 2 – Authors

Since this year’s summer reading slogan is Libraries Rock, yesterday I wrote a post about what happened when I asked my rock musician friends how reading and libraries influenced their lives and careers. To further explore the connection between reading and music, I asked some writers and illustrators to share their thoughts on the summer reading slogan “Libraries Rock.” Celia C. Pérez (The First Rule of Punk): I LOVED the library when I was a kid. I especially looked forward to the summer reading program because they would occasionally give out new books as prizes! The musical influence is obvious in The First Rule of Punk because music is such an important piece of the protagonist’s identity . . . Music, as well as images and other things that get your senses working, help inspire when I’m writing. The music that inspires me to write depends on what I’m working…