On the Road with ALSC… at IFLA!

Amazing hand-illustrated poster - IFLA 2017

ALSC members Christine Caputo and Marianne Martens recently attended the 2017 International Federation of Libraries and Associations and Institutions (IFLA) in Wroclaw (pronounced something like vrot-slav), Poland. Wroclaw is a beautiful city in western Poland, that in 2016 was both the European capital of culture and also the world book capital. The world book capital makes perfect sense based on the number of bookstores in the city, and the beautiful libraries.

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The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: A Milestone….Hopefully, Just a Start

Author Julia Finley Mosca and illustrator Daniel Rieley have broken a barrier with The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: The Story of Dr. Temple Grandin.  One of the first autistic persons to speak publicly about her condition, Dr. Grandin’s insight into the minds of cows, and her perseverance, led her into the halls of corporate America and changed the ethical standards for processing meat.  Dr. Grandin has received numerous honors and written many books.

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Everybody Plays! Welcoming All Abilities to the Library

It’s Everybody Plays day at Simsbury Public Library in Connecticut, and I stop for a moment to look around our large program room. Children and adults are trying out the balance path, playing at the train table, digging their hands into the rice bin, and rolling a ball through the tunnel into the play tent. One little one in particular has his curly head bent over the sensory table, which holds lots of different kinds of beans today.


Just What the Doctor Ordered – Books!

Sign saying Dr. Franklin's Library

We can all recall those long mornings, filling out paper work at the doctor’s office while stashing a tissue box under your elbow, looking up between the clock and the door to the examination rooms. Calculating it’s not worth staring at those two items, you might glance over to the magazine rack and pick up something to browse through. Now, what if, as your name was called, you brought the magazine in with you and could discuss what you read with your doctor?