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#alsc16: Libraries without Fines?

Imagine a publicly funded library, where barriers such as fines and fees disappear.  Not just during a particular time, but each and every day.  How many families may frequent the library without this barrier to service?  Imagine, how many children may experience checking out their first library book. How many families may increase their frequency of reading when they do not need to worry about returning materials on time?  Is this a reality in your library?

Live Blogging, Virtual Institute 2016

#alsc2016: Value You Can’t Measure With Numbers

What’s so great about children’s library services? For one caregiver, storytime is so valuable that some days she is “too tired NOT to come!” In one of Thursday afternoon’s virtual institute sessions, “Stories Speak Louder than Numbers: Making the Case for Youth Services,” we heard from Hanna Lee, Nina Lindsay, and Jenna Nemec-Loise about how to talk about outcomes, not just outputs, when advocating for youth services.

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#alsc16 Picture Books Open Us Up

Working in an urban public library, diversity is always on my mind. Up until this year, I was disappointed with the published picture books, lacking representation of various cultures and family structures. Our newly acquired picture books are much better at depicting all types of children and families.