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#PLA2018 Day 3, AKA the tired day

Went to the hotel fitness center this morning.  Yesterday I lifted, which I could do endlessly.  Today was a day to run, and my body was like, “Do you know what you’ve been feeding me for two days?  No.  This isn’t happening.”  #PLA2018, where Marisa makes all the bad health decisions!  I powered through, because librarians know who to persevere, but I’m at like 40% energy level for the rest of the day.

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Fine Free Is The Way To Be #PLA2018

My last morning at #PLA2018 has been a morning, y’all. When I arrived at the convention center, the street was blocked off by police tape and a massive law enforcement presence. It was a whole to-do, and it took me the better part of an hour to figure out if I could actually get into the building or not. Everything is fine, thank goodness, they were investigating some suspicious activity, but it made for a harried start to the day. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it to the first session, which is the one I’ve been most looking forward to: Eliminating Fines and Fees on Children’s Materials to Create a Win-Win for Your Library and Community. Luckily, I slid in with just a few minutes to spare. The presenters talked about eliminating barriers to service, especially for low-income families, by getting rid of late fines on…

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Eliminating Fines and Fees on Children’s Materials at #pla2018

Why do libraries charge fines? Fines are a source of revenue, a chance to teach responsibility to our youngest patrons, and a way to encourage people to bring materials back on time. Or are they? What if it turned out that none of those assumptions were true? A new white paper (Https:// looks at the available data and concludes that fines do not do any of those things, although librarians and patrons have deeply held beliefs that they do. At Eliminating Fines and Fees on Children’s Materials to Create a Win-Win for Your Community, my mind was blown by a study which showed that nominal library fees do not have ANY impact on overdue rates. Only steep fines result in more prompt return of material. Unless your library is willing to charge $5 a day on overdue picture books, the fines are not resulting in the timely return of your…

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Engaging the Latino Community #PLA2018

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(Re)Building Latina/o Outreach: Steps to Engaging Your Community After attending my first Pura Belprè Celebration last year at Annual, I promised myself to attend more sessions and events which revolved around my culture. On Thursday at PLA 2018, I attended a great session called (Re)Building Latina/o Outreach: Steps to Engaging Your Community. What was great about the presentation was that many of the suggestions didn’t only apply to the Latino community – they applied to all types of cultures we might be serving in our spaces.

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#PLA2018 Day 2 – Inspiration Achieved

I promised myself I’d do several short blog posts throughout the day today.  Ha!  It’s after 9 and I’m just now sitting down to type because there is just SO MUCH worth doing at #PLA2018!  I took my laptop with me today, and I have SIX PAGES of notes just from today, and more ideas for new programs and services than I can fit in my head! You guys, I am not even kidding, my first session of the day ALONE was worth the cost of admission! Talking is Teaching: Opportunities for Increasing Early Brain and Language Development, is the inspiring overview of the San Francisco Public Library’s partnership with Too Small To Fail (  Now let me give you a disclaimer – I had been out of public libraries for 5 years until November, so many of you are likely already aware of the amazing Too Small To Fail. …

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Fandom Everywhere #PLA2018

Today, I attended the #PLA2018 session “Using Fandom to Build STEAM, Summer Camps, and Youth and Community Engagement.” I’m a huge fan of fandom, as are many librarians I know, so this seemed like it would be right up my alley. It was! But there was so much more too it, as well. First of all, one of the presenters was in full Gilderoy Lockhart character. It was amazing, and such a fantastic way to tie into their program.