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#PLA2018 Day 2 – Inspiration Achieved

I promised myself I’d do several short blog posts throughout the day today.  Ha!  It’s after 9 and I’m just now sitting down to type because there is just SO MUCH worth doing at #PLA2018!  I took my laptop with me today, and I have SIX PAGES of notes just from today, and more ideas for new programs and services than I can fit in my head! You guys, I am not even kidding, my first session of the day ALONE was worth the cost of admission! Talking is Teaching: Opportunities for Increasing Early Brain and Language Development, is the inspiring overview of the San Francisco Public Library’s partnership with Too Small To Fail (  Now let me give you a disclaimer – I had been out of public libraries for 5 years until November, so many of you are likely already aware of the amazing Too Small To Fail. …

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Fandom Everywhere #PLA2018

Today, I attended the #PLA2018 session “Using Fandom to Build STEAM, Summer Camps, and Youth and Community Engagement.” I’m a huge fan of fandom, as are many librarians I know, so this seemed like it would be right up my alley. It was! But there was so much more too it, as well. First of all, one of the presenters was in full Gilderoy Lockhart character. It was amazing, and such a fantastic way to tie into their program.

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Talking is Teaching at #PLA2018

Librarians know that talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing with their children from birth can have dramatic impacts on the child’s development. Today at #PLA2018, San Francisco Public Library presented “Talking is Teaching: Opportunities for Increasing Early Brain and Language Development” with their early literacy partner, Too Small to Fail, an initiative of the Clinton Foundation.

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#PLA2018 – getting there is half the adventure!

In case you’ve been living under a rock these past few days, there’s a huge storm bearing down on Philly and #PLA2018 as we speak, complete with an ice glaze and 9-13 inches of predicted accumulation.  Or at least, I keep hearing it’s a big storm…so far it seems more like a typical storm we’d get back home in Ohio.  But I suppose if it *keeps* snowing all day and into the wee hours of the morning, it will shape up to be pretty hefty.

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The Librarian: There and Back Again #PLA2018

One could easily forget its the first full day of spring in the northern hemisphere, though Pennsylvania resident Punxsutawney Phil did a warn us of six more weeks of winter back in February. Many attendees at this year’s PLA conference in Philadelphia had plans for Wednesday change as the Nor’easter rolled in, cancelling flights, and closing museums and libraries. Nevertheless hundreds who were able to make it into town braved the snow for Sally Yates’ opening keynote and the exhibit opening reception.