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Resilience Resources: Helping People Displaced by Environmental and Humanitarian Crises

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Many people around the country are facing difficult, trying times right now. Evacuees displaced by the recent hurricanes in Texas and along the southeastern seaboard states, immigrants, refugees, and others who have had to leave their homes may suffer increased anxiety and concern. 

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Build a Better World – Sustainability STEM programming!


STEM and STEAM this summer! Summer reading is a great time to market ourselves, but it’s even better for starting new programs.  Get kids hooked on STEM and STEAM programming!  Focusing on “Build a Better World”, try these three “hot” topics that all touch on Sustainability: Global warming Princeton University created a game and teaching guide that children from fifth grade up can enjoy and learn with – The Wedges Game! This is a “team-based exercise that teaches players about greenhouse gases, plus technologies that reduce carbon emissions” (Wedges Game) Try out this resource for even more ideas!  STEM Learning Take these programs a step further! Have kids debate the issues Have kids draw up policies and recommendations to present to local councils Nothing increases a child’s understanding of topics better than a little research, a bit of debating and then presenting to others.  And what better way to build a better world than…

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Because Libraries

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This week I am in DC, being a a tourist after participating in National Library Legislative Day earlier in the week. After a day of briefings and orientations Monday, five-hundred librarians took to Capitol Hill Tuesday to make sure that our elected officials understand how Libraries Transform, and that they have what they need to save the IMLS. Many colleagues worked in teams by state to meet with representatives; I joined Andrew Medlar, Aimee Strittmatter, Angela Hubbard, and other Division Presidents and staff to meet with staff from the House Education & Workforce Committee, the Senate HELP Committee, and Appropriations Committee staff.  We even met with Agriculture Committee staff, to talk and strategize about free lunch at the library.

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Preparing for VLLD

The ALSC Advocacy and Legislation Committee recently distributed a survey to learn which of the existing advocacy resources are helpful and your current go-to resources for advocacy information. With Virtual Library Legislative Day (VLLD) approaching (May 1-5, 2017), the committee wanted to know what was already useful and whether members were aware of the resources already available before developing even more resources. What we learned from the survey is that an overwhelming number of respondents (90%) have not participated in a VLLD. Two common reasons for non-participation (besides lack of support from library administrators) were lack of awareness about the event and lack of time. This post aims to address both of these issues and put you on the path to participating in VLLD. Admittedly, the advocacy and legislation sections of the ALA website are overwhelming especially if you’re just getting started with advocacy work. So what do you need…

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Build a Better World through Inclusion and Diversity

Why inclusion? We can do better in terms of inclusion.  We must do better.  As youth services librarians we do not simply purchase and organize books.  Nor do we mindlessly offer programming.  We think about what we are doing.  We fill needs in our community, the people we represent and the people who rely on us.  Inclusion will fill this need and much more. The struggle with diversity: As of February 2015, we are still behind in diverse children’s literature:     Isn’t quality children’s literature enough?   Quality children’s literature builds strength in readers. Getting children to pick up a book and read it speaks to how well the book reflects their lives.  Creating a collection and designing programming that are diverse welcomes patrons from a range of cultural backgrounds.  Above all, our efforts will encourage empathy by helping kids better understand their similarities and differences.   The world we live in is only increasing…