Blogger Jonathan Dolce

Build a Better World through Inclusion and Diversity

Why inclusion? We can do better in terms of inclusion.  We must do better.  As youth services librarians we do not simply purchase and organize books.  Nor do we mindlessly offer programming.  We think about what we are doing.  We fill needs in our community, the people we represent and the people who rely on us.  Inclusion will fill this need and much more. The struggle with diversity: As of February 2015, we are still behind in diverse children’s literature:     Isn’t quality children’s literature enough?   Quality children’s literature builds strength in readers. Getting children to pick up a book and read it speaks to how well the book reflects their lives.  Creating a collection and designing programming that are diverse welcomes patrons from a range of cultural backgrounds.  Above all, our efforts will encourage empathy by helping kids better understand their similarities and differences.   The world we live in is only increasing…

Blogger Nina Lindsay

Open Forum on Diversity, Inclusion, and Our Work, Post-Election

Because the World Is At Their Fingertips and the World Can Be a Scary Place

It has been a tumultuous week for all of us who work to create a better future for children through libraries. We know, from the responses to the Unity. Kindness. Peace. booklist shared last week that you are stepping up to support your community in the face of violence witnessed or enacted, and in response to fear, trauma, and confusion.  And we know that we as librarians, and as ALSC, have much more to do. Our work as an organization must firmly defend the rights of all children and forge paths to equity for marginalized communities.

Blogger Advocacy and Legislation Committee

Library Advocacy In Less Than Three Minutes (S. 3391)

No surprise to anyone who watches television, reads the newspaper, works in a library, or listens to music on YouTube, the US Presidential Election is in 22 days. While the overwhelming majority of Americans are focusing solely on influencing the outcome of this important election, other matters of importance are still happening in Washington and require the voice of each and every one of your library advocates.