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We LOVE Our Volunteers

Love is in the air! Can you feel it? I hope you can all feel the love that ALSC has for you. We are an association that could not function without the hard work, dedication, and passion of our volunteers. This past weekend many of our members were volunteering their time, talent, and treasures to conduct face-to-face committee work. At the same time, our virtual committees have also been hard at work sharing their same gifts to move the work of the association forward. Throughout the year, both groups are committed to the mission of ALSC. For all this work, I say thank you! Each year, I send out many Valentine’s Day cards to family and friends as an unexpected gesture to let them know I love and appreciate them. Although I can’t personally send each and every one of you a physical card, please consider this post my virtual…

ALA Midwinter 2018

Wrapping up my 1st Midwinter #alamw18

And… it’s a wrap! My first Midwinter experience is officially done! It’s been a super quick five days in Denver. I have had some highs– Bill Morris Seminar, talking storytime, attending my first council session, and many more; and some lows– icy streets, SNOW, way overpacked bags.But all in all, it was a wonderful and illuminating experience to attend the infamous Midwinter Conference. My takeaways: ~Midwinter is mostly meetings and there is not much program– but it is a chance to really get to know committees and what they do. There are also lots of OPEN meetings where you can just drop in and hear about a division or round table. ~Attendance is a lot lower at Midwinter– according to Council documents we were about a thousand people less than last year in Atlanta… and while that may be disappointing to vendors, it is a great opportunity to network! You see…

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Teaching Children Banned Words

Enlightening & Teaching 2017 was a whirlwind year, with many, many unprecedented changes, challenges and fear.  To help our youngest patrons, it is critically important that we aid in their enlightenment, making them more socially aware, teaching them new concepts, and making them more culturally competent. For 2018, I encourage you to explore these terms through your youth programming.  This will aid not only the children, but their parents as well.  So, let’s go!  Following each term will be suggestions for aiding you deliver these important concepts: Diversity My wife – Marianne Dolce, a highly successful school media specialist  – showed me how to take a picture book or a story and build a theme from it – to reverse the storytime building process, and thereby integrate diverse materials into storytime – Every. Single Week. Read up on ALA’s “Importance of Diversity” Entitlement These quick “fables” help teach children all…

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Go Vols!: Volunteers Needed for ALSC Committees – Appointments Begin in Early 2018

With a title like “Go Vols!” You might think I’m rooting for a favorite college football team. While I’m not enthusiastically sharing my team spirit, I am fervently hoping to see an ALSC volunteer form from each and every one of you! ALSC has greatly benefited from the hard work of all our volunteers who offer to serve the association in various capacities. I began my career in children’s librarianship several years before I became involved in ALSC. But, once I made the right connections at the urging of my mentor, I stumbled upon the amazing work of previous generations of ALSC members and decided to join in the goodness. I started small – with a volunteer form, of course – on the ALSC Intellectual Freedom committee from there I served on an award committee, the Nominating committee, and several taskforces and working groups, mainly related to collaborative work with…

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2018 And Life to Go: Resolutions Anyone?!

Not Another New Year’s Resolution Article I promise.  No eye candy.  No videos strung by html with care.  But it is Elf themed, which you need to watch if you haven’t already. You’ve got just six weeks and four days before the new year makes you keep writing 2017 for a few weeks.  Resolution lists anyone?  Please tell me you aren’t recycling last years, or even lamely “upcycling” them, just to sound trendy or get your friends off your back.  Let’s get real, and let’s apply it to our professional world.  Here we go… Mentoring For the love of candy canes, you have a story to tell, and believe it or not, you could totally help out an up and coming mentee.  No, really.  And it’s easy to get matched. For example, Florida Library Association has a mentoring program every year, that officially only runs one year at a time,…

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Resilience Resources: Helping People Displaced by Environmental and Humanitarian Crises

Welcome Signs in a Variety of Languages

Many people around the country are facing difficult, trying times right now. Evacuees displaced by the recent hurricanes in Texas and along the southeastern seaboard states, immigrants, refugees, and others who have had to leave their homes may suffer increased anxiety and concern. 

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Build a Better World – Sustainability STEM programming!


STEM and STEAM this summer! Summer reading is a great time to market ourselves, but it’s even better for starting new programs.  Get kids hooked on STEM and STEAM programming!  Focusing on “Build a Better World”, try these three “hot” topics that all touch on Sustainability: Global warming Princeton University created a game and teaching guide that children from fifth grade up can enjoy and learn with – The Wedges Game! This is a “team-based exercise that teaches players about greenhouse gases, plus technologies that reduce carbon emissions” (Wedges Game) Try out this resource for even more ideas!  STEM Learning Take these programs a step further! Have kids debate the issues Have kids draw up policies and recommendations to present to local councils Nothing increases a child’s understanding of topics better than a little research, a bit of debating and then presenting to others.  And what better way to build a better world than…