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Strengthening Communities Through Libraries: STEAM Programming Toolkit and Minigrants

Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math. Libraries all over are offering children and families the opportunity to experience STEAM programming on a daily basis. The beauty of these interdisciplinary programs is that they allow children a chance to explore, learn, and think creatively in a vibrant community space.     Last year, ALSC received funding from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to provide twelve minigrants to ALSC members. These minigrants enabled libraries to provide out-of-school time STEAM learning for children in their communities. This year, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation has again presented ALSC with a $124,528 Youth Literacy grant.   If you have a fabulous idea for STEAM learning at your library and are in need of funding for your brilliant plans, you can apply for one of twelve $5,000 minigrants here: . Applications are due by October 20th, so start brainstorming today!   ALSC has also developed the Librarian…

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Resilience Resources: Helping People Displaced by Environmental and Humanitarian Crises

Welcome Signs in a Variety of Languages

Many people around the country are facing difficult, trying times right now. Evacuees displaced by the recent hurricanes in Texas and along the southeastern seaboard states, immigrants, refugees, and others who have had to leave their homes may suffer increased anxiety and concern. 

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Reflecting on Summer Meals

Hearing about Summer Meals a lot lately?  There has been a lot of publicity for this growing program, coming from wide ranging sources. One article, featured in the New York Times, gave a broad portrayal of how lunch service is working in different libraries across the country.  This article, for the Office of Intellectual Freedom blog, takes a different approach and champions the service as an intellectual freedom issue. My library system (King County Library System) has 13 branches offering some kind of meal service this summer.  While most are federally funded, as described in the New York Times article, several (including mine) are being paid for by donations from our KCLS Foundation.  We follow similar guidelines (food for everyone 18 and under, must be consumed on site) for the three days per week that we serve lunch. This is the first year that my branch has served meals in…

ALA Annual 2017

Words in the Wind in Chicago

There are so many components to the Annual Conference: the plane, bus or train ride; the endless shuttle bus lines and rides; the exhibit hall, the convention center, the streets of the City. In all of those places, librarians are talking and sharing notes, authors are proselytizing, publishers are book-talking, and people are shaking hands, sharing hugs, and being happy together. I’ve attempted to capture some of those moments, small snippets of conversations, lectures, and speeches. I hope a few of them might spark a memory you’ve already forgotten about #ALAAnnual2017.