ALA Midwinter 2017

Mid-Winter Round Up

What an exciting time to be on the ALSC Intellectual Freedom Committee! Censorship, privacy, equity of access, diversity and information literacy are all hot button issues across the country.  It might be fair to say this is a challenging time as well.   At the ALA Midwinter Conference, this Committee considered how we might safeguard and promote the intellectual freedom of children despite the advent of a more conservative political environment.

Blogger Intellectual Freedom Committee


Respect is a theme that kept popping up in my recent reading. I’m catching up on some middle-school fiction and dealing with demeaning, diminishing and disrespectful behavior from peers and adults is a motif that recurs over and over. Of course, it’s an issue that persists into the adult world. How people communicate on social media and in the comments section in traditional media has gotten lots of attention recently.  Freedom of speech is easier to love if the speech isn’t directed at you.

Blogger Intellectual Freedom Committee

That’s Not Fair!

I’ve been looking for some recently published books that explain human rights to children. I was fortunate enough to come across That’s Not Fair!: Getting to Know Your Rights and Freedoms, written by Danielle S. McLaughlin, illustrated by Dharmali Patel of Little Blackstone Studios Inc. and published by Kids Can Press ( This new title is a part of the Citizen Kid Series ( and is also based on a Canadian six-episode video series called “That’s Not Fair!” which was written and produced by the Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust ( While this book and its animated series is based on Canadian rights, they still stand true when it comes to American rights. The CCLET’s premise is, “If your child is old enough to say, ‘That’s not fair!’, they are old enough to learn about their basic human rights.” Councilor Bug would like to welcome you to his city where…