ALA Annual 2017

Pura Belprè Celebraciòn: Celebrating 21 Years of Latino Children’s Literature #alaac17

pura belpre awards program

On Sunday afternoon, we celebrated Pura Belprè’s 21st Anniversary. The Pura Belprè ceremony celebrates award-winning Latino writers and illustrators. Although I am Latina, I sometimes feel a bit distant from my Mexican and Puerto Rican roots because my family rarely shares stories and are fluent in English. Most times, my knowledge of my culture only revolves around the food.  SO. MUCH. CULTURE. The Pura Belpre Celebracion immersed me in the latino culture. I felt so grateful to be a part of this experience for the first time! I loved hearing the winners speeches and learning about their families and origins. Juana Medina, 2017 Pura Belprè Award recipient for Narrative, said, “We need to offer more to the Latino community when it comes to narrative,” and I really couldn’t agree more. First and foremost, I need to do my part in seeking out authors and other artists of the Latino community, but I…

ALA Annual 2017

As a First Time Attendee…so far so good. #alaac17

ALSC Membership Table

As a first time attendee of an ALA Annual Conference, I just have to say, WOW! Being a new staff member of ALSC, I’ve been doing a lot of prep for some of our meetings. With the help of staff, board members, and committee members, I have been learning so much, but now it’s all coming together because I’m getting to visualize it.  I think one of the parts that blew me away was the exhibit set-up. I had to set up the ALSC table, and I got the opportunity to walk around and see the work everyone else was doing to their spaces. Watching the transformation was amazing! My eyes went everywhere! The couches, the TV screens, the rows and rows of books. The amount of passion and work that has gone into this is overwhelming to feel. Workers were literally working in mid-air off elevated platforms drilling and putting exhibits together….

ALA Annual 2017

Membership Meeting and Leadership & ALSC at Annual

I’ve been employed with ALSC for just one month and Annual came so fast! Before I could even blink, hotel confirmations were in, material was printed, and trunks were packed. Prior to my employment with ALSC, I knew about ALA as an organization, but I truthfully did not have much knowledge regarding Annual Conference. It’s mind blowing the amount of work that gets put into this; from staff, to members, to volunteers.  A large portion of my professional background comes from the YMCA. I worked for both the YMCA of Greater New York and the YMCA of Metro Chicago. A common thread that I find between both YMCA associations and ALSC is this aspect of inclusivity. Both the YMCA and ALSC (also ALA as a whole) put diversity and advocacy as organizational objectives. I’m very excited that during two key ALSC meetings we will be discussing these topics. During the…

ALA Annual 2017

ALSC 101 at the ALA Annual Conference

ALSC 101

As a first time attendee… I’m looking forward to the ALA Annual Conference here in Chicago in just a few short weeks! There has been so much energy and focus around this years event. One of the events I am particularly interested in and excited about is ALSC 101. In my few short weeks here at ALSC, it has been a rewarding experience working with colleagues and members of the Membership Committee to put this together. Making Connections… I think ALSC 101 is going to be perfect for those individuals who, like me, are looking to connect with people from across the country, learn more about ALSC, and have fun! At this event I’m excited that we are going to be all about the sharing of experiences. We have different panelists joining us who have been members anywhere from a few months to over ten years! Our Membership Committee is doing an amazing…