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Four Words to Avoid

…then for some unfathomable reason I say that “some families decide to get kids a card when they’re 8 or 10, but some might decide that 4 or 5 is old enough.” And just like that, I’ve lost them. All they care about now is telling me a) how old they are; b) how old they used to be; c) how old they will be soon; and/or d) how old their brother/sister/dog/cat is/was/will be.

Children's Literature (all forms)

Two Boys, Two Dads, One Book, and a Librarian

I expected the older and wiser fathers to mention something about the crucial role of marketing in a capitalist society. But instead, one of the dads totally agreed that the money that guy made was unfair, then shared his own irritation at modern hip hop musicians who lift samples from the works of truly creative musicians, and then get all the credit.

Programming Ideas

Pretend You’re Four and I’ll Read You a Story

by Steven Engelfried A couple weeks ago I pulled out one of my all-time favorite picture books and shared it with a group:  Fortunately by Remy Charlip.  They seemed to enjoy it.  They laughed at the right places, had some good guesses when asked “what unfortunate thing do you think he’ll find in the water?” (“Sharks?  Pirates?  Oil Spill?”)  And when Ned finally arrived at his own surprise birthday party at the end, they seemed as satisfied as most kids are every time I read the book.  The difference, though, is that this was an audience of grown ups. One of my favorite tasks of my job in the Early Childhood Outreach department is doing educational presentations for parents.  When a Head Start or a childcare center has a Parent Night (or Parent Day, or Parent whenever), we do our best to share information about why it’s so important to…