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April is Month of the Military Child

As April is the Month of the Military Child, I thought it would be a great time to highlight children’s books about military life, and to hopefully learn about other outstanding titles! According to The National Child Traumatic Stress Network, there are approximately 2 million children living in military families; 1.3 of them are school-aged. Whether or not you live in a community with many military families, these books will both entertain and inspire children in military and civilian families:   (image taken from Daphne Benedis-Grab’s website) I’ve not yet read Army Brats, but its enthusiastically positive reviews have moved it to the top of my list. Not only does this feature a military family living on base, but it also includes an enlisted mother and a child adopted from China. A mystery about a rumored haunted house will definitely entice mystery and detective stories fans!   Brave Like Me…

Blogger Jennifer Schultz

We Can Do It: Books for Women’s History Month

March is wrapping up, but there’s still plenty of time to create displays and booklists about Women’s History Month! If you’re looking for books that are immediate attention-grabbers, here are some awesome women’s history titles that have very popular at our libraries: This was a recent patron request, and I can’t wait for my turn to read it! DK books are super popular with our patrons, and probably yours as well; they are filled with fascinating information and graphics that are tailor-made for young readers who crave fun informational reads. Divided into sections such as “Political Pioneers,” “Screen Stars,” “Internet Impacts,” and more, each women’s tribute features notable women who made contributions in the same field before and after her lifespan.   While working on this post at the reference desk, a young patron asked for National Geographic books; like DK, National Geographic Kids books have bright graphics and gobsmacking…

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Celebrate Creativity! March is National Craft Month

Want to add some color and creativity to your displays and story times? Consider a crafts theme! Crafts include everything from sewing to woodworking, so there’s plenty of terrific books to choose from:     (image taken from Abrams Books website) Abrams Books is known for their emphasis on arts and graphic design, so it’s no surprise that “I Had A Favorite Hat” is teeming with fun and ingenuity! A young girl’s mother wants to put away her beach hat the at the end of the summer, but this young lady has other plans for her hat! She artfully redecorates it each season, which makes this a great addition to any seasonal program.   (image taken from Simms Taback website) Simms Taback’s 2000 Caldecott Medal story (“Joseph Had a Little Overcoat”) about a ingenious tailor (based on an Eastern European folk song) is a longtime favorite read aloud. Careful observers…

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Who Will I Be? Books About Careers

It’s inevitable that we discover a section that needs updating (to our chagrin). Last year, I stumbled upon our career books, which didn’t need weeding as much as it needed updating for current and future careers. If your collection is in need of branching out from your average career books, check out these series that will make reading about careers fun and informative at the same time:

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Favorite Reads in 2016

With 2016 drawing to a close, newspapers, journals, magazines, blogs, and other publications have released their favorite books, movies, TV shows, and recordings that were released in 2016. We are also exactly one month away from the announcements of the Youth Media Awards! With that in mind, let’s discuss our favorite reads (with a 2016 publication date) from this year. Board books, chapter books, poetry, nonfiction….I’d love to see what grabbed your mind and heart this year, especially if you think that it has been overlooked in the “best books” lists.

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Books for National Good Neighbor Day

Did you know that National Neighbor Day is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of the month? There seems to be some contrasting information on when it is actually celebrated (Brownie Locks and other sites list it as always being on September 26), but celebrating neighborhoods where people live, work, and play happily together is something that I can get behind on any day of the year.


Celebrate Shark Week!

If you’ve noticed your 597.31 section rapidly depleting recently, you’re probably aware that it’s Shark Week! Children’s books about sharks are popular year-round at our libraries, but I always seek out the latest children’s books published about sharks when June/July creep closer. Thankfully, 2016 has brought us some attention-grabbing guides to these oft-misunderstood creatures: