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Finding Time for Tummy Time

Visit our library on a Tummy Time evening and you’ll wonder if you are in a public library or if you wandered into a friendly, neighborhood playgroup. Strollers line the wall, diaper bags hang on coat hooks and moms and dads happily swap and share extra diapers, wipes and even backup onesies. Public libraries have been reinventing themselves for years, working hard to establish themselves as the “third place” between work and home. If community members had one additional place they could stop each day, would they pick their local library?

Guest Blogger

Five Lessons in Tween Programming

One winter evening, I was preparing for my quarterly tween program. The shopping was done, the room was set up, and I was ready for a quiet evening with a small group. I was feeling a little melancholy. Most of our regular tweens have grown up into our teen program and our attendance hasn’t been high lately. I wasn’t expecting this program to be any different. I slowly shuffled to my programming room. To my surprise, there was a line of tweens and their families waiting outside the door. It was a program success that I wasn’t expecting and it taught me five important programming lessons.

ALSC Online Courses

ALSC Online Class: Demonstrating YS Competencies

As we wrap our heads around the updated ALSC YS Competencies and what they mean to us personally and as a library industry, the professional portfolio helps us reflect on what we do well and allows us to demonstrate it to possible employers and to administrators during evaluations, when asking for a promotion, or proving the success of a grant project, etc. Documentation of your skills enables you to move upwards in your organization.

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How To Get Your Word Out The “Right Way”

Do you have a good turnout at your events? Do you feel your advertising is bearing fruit? If the answer is “no,” some of you might be wondering “what is wrong with my publicity?” However, if your answer is “yes” you might not suspect there is a problem with the deliverance of your publicity. This is what happened to us during a strategic planning meeting with teachers from our community.