ALA Annual 2017

Words in the Wind in Chicago

There are so many components to the Annual Conference: the plane, bus or train ride; the endless shuttle bus lines and rides; the exhibit hall, the convention center, the streets of the City. In all of those places, librarians are talking and sharing notes, authors are proselytizing, publishers are book-talking, and people are shaking hands, sharing hugs, and being happy together. I’ve attempted to capture some of those moments, small snippets of conversations, lectures, and speeches. I hope a few of them might spark a memory you’ve already forgotten about #ALAAnnual2017.

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The Library Needs YOU!

Next week marks the beginning of National Library Legislative Day (NLLD) and Virtual Library Legislative Day (VLLD) and the library needs YOU!  If you can’t make it to Washington, have no fear! There is still a place for you! Check out Africa Hands’ awesome post on how to get involved in VLLD, and explore the NLLD Issue Briefs and Schedule to get excited and informed. After contacting your representative, flex your advocacy muscles even further by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper, articulating the value of libraries! While it may seem like a small act, a letter to the editor is a great way to reach other voters and future library advocates. When writing a letter, here are a few tips from library advocacy experts to keep in mind: Know the readership/audience and frame your message accordingly. Is the readership primarily liberal or conservative? What highlighted issues,…

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ECRR2 for Early Childhood Professionals

Ready to Read Toolkit

Supporting early childhood educators just got easier thanks to the new Every Child Ready to Read – Toolkit for Serving Early Childhood Educators! ALSC Public Awareness Committee asked Judy Nelson and Sue McCleaf Nespeca, from the Every Child Ready to Read Committee and Dorothy Stoltz, one of the four authors of the new Toolkit, about why this is a big deal for libraries, community partners, and in turn the children we nurture.

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Fact vs Fake: Resources to Help Librarians Navigate Digital Literacy

One can’t help but to be publicly aware of so many things these days. And if you are a walking, talking, breathing, adult, anywhere in the world, you are certainly aware of the current intense interest in the power and persuasiveness of social media. The role of librarians when it comes to helping their patrons negotiate and assess the information that comes from those sources varies greatly depending upon your community, your library, your job.

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Countdown to Día 2017!

Have you already started planning for this year’s Día celebrations?  El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros is a celebration of children and reading across all language and cultures. While it is intended to be celebrated all year long, April 30 marks a special day of nationwide events.  ALSC has a number of resources ready to support your events, all available at Here are links to some of the great content found there: Fact Sheet: Learn about the history and goals of Día. Free Program Downloads: Explore resources including the publicity toolkit, web badges, coloring sheets, activity ideas, and booklists with groupings by grade on “Building STEAM with Día” and a “20 Years of Día.”  Don’t miss the special Book Day Cake recipe! Program Registry: Join the Día community by entering your event in the program registry. See what your colleagues are cooking-up and share your plans…