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ALSC Committee Volunteer Form Now Online!

Learn more about how to volunteer for ALSC Committees

I’m thrilled to announce that ALSC’s committee volunteer form is now online.  We are transitioning to ALA’s online committee form, which, while not highly customizable, will allow you to share more thorough open-ended responses.  Just log in and use the drop down menu to select ALSC. I will start making appointments to process committees later in January (for appointments that begin following Annual Conference 2017), so now is a great time to think about volunteering. What should I include in the form? While you can check off the particular committees you are interested in, it is helpful for me to know why you selected them and if there are some that rise above others in your interest.  A general sense of your professional interests, experience and skills you’d like to put to use, and particular committee efforts you are most excited about, will help me to make the right matches…

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How To Get Your Word Out The “Right Way”

Do you have a good turnout at your events? Do you feel your advertising is bearing fruit? If the answer is “no,” some of you might be wondering “what is wrong with my publicity?” However, if your answer is “yes” you might not suspect there is a problem with the deliverance of your publicity. This is what happened to us during a strategic planning meeting with teachers from our community.

Blogger Library Service to Special Population Children and their Caregivers

Housing Community Outreach

My library is currently serving 16 Child Care Centers on a bimonthly basis and are hoping to start reaching our children and their families in a new way. We are working on a program where we provide storytimes, early literacy workshops and play programs at a housing community in our service area. We would ideally  provide a small collection of gift and donation books that can be used by the community I reached out to a fellow librarian who has done some community based outreach to ask a few questions. Me: Describe your program including population served and services provided. Cammy: STAR (Summertime Access to Reading) was created by School Board Chairwoman, Carrie Coyner. Little Free Libraries (LFL) were planted all over the county and filled with books to insure that children within neighborhoods have constant access to books. Each LFL also had community events through the summer. My library…