ALA Annual 2018

Trombone Shorty In The House #ALAAC18

Eat a lot.  Listen to a lot of music.  Help young people in your city. ALA president specifically recognizes the Louisiana region native American tribes and invites all to check out more information about these tribes and cultures. First woman Mayor of New Orleans LaToya Cantrell thanks ALA for being the first Conference back to New Orleans after Katrina.  She stresses the intentionality of library work and the focus on building,  rebuilding, and supporting communities.

ALA Annual 2018

#alaac18 Let’s Do This!

Registration, check. Waiting in the surprisingly fast line for the Opening General Session, check. Great seat, check! I’m so excited for this year’s featured speakers and moderator, Carla Hayden, Trombone Shorty and Michelle Obama! Despite it being the length of a football field, the line moved quickly and there were plenty of things to look at while in the queue. I loved seeing the multilingual “Welcome” poster displayed at the ALA store and the amazing Biblioquilts that were donated for the ALA Silent Auction. I gave a loud cheer when the large screens projected the upcoming addition of the American Indian Library Association, the Association of Jewish Libraries and the Asian Pacific American Library Association awards to the 2019 Youth Media Awards. So much positivity and inclusivity to kick off #alaac18 and the Opening General Session hasn’t even started yet!

Live Blogging

Michelle Obama

Moving forward in the line for #MichelleObama! People have been in line since I got here at 9a.m. But the line is moving quickly. The air is abuzz, and, in my biased mind, the Convention Center has never looked more beautiful. Posters and advertisements for books and publishers greet attendees. And after Michelle, the exhibits open! My favorite new vocabulary term is “galley drop!” It reminds me of manna dropping from heaven…which is really the same thing, right?

Blogger Emily Bayci

Participatory design with kids #alaac2018 #reachout

Participatory design was an important buzz word when I was in grad school. My professors and classmates talked all the time about how librarians could involve our patrons in projects, in programs and have our community really be a part of what happens during a program. The theories and practices prove that participatory design creates more successful and beneficial programs, but it is hard to implement in real life, especially with children. It’s easy to let it slip to the wayside.

Live Blogging

Greetings from ALA Annual 2018

Greetings! I am on a break from Bridging the Tech Gap session at #alaac18. This is my first ALA conference, and I am already geeking out over everything. Loving this session about how to incorporate youth in planning events and using technology in the library. Youth start as users, then testers, then informants, and, eventually design partners. Ask open-ended questions! Be a “guide on the side” rather than a “sage on the stage.” Getting great ideas and meeting/working with wonderful librarians from all over the country!

ALA Annual 2018

New Orleans Spirit Strong at #alaac2018

It’s not often that you can walk into a city and immediately feel a bumpin’ welcoming and relaxed jazz vibe. New Orleans is that city. From the moment I arrived at the airport, there was a welcoming jazz band playing music for conference attendees! All the workers were welcoming people to the city and giving advice on surviving the heat! The exhibit hall was getting set up, with pieces of New Orleans flair spicing it up! I took a walk down Bourbon Street and could see a mix of locals, tourists, college partiers and of course librarians. This is NOLA! and NOLA is more than ready for us. Are we ready for it?!