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STEM Learning with Graphic Novels

Are you looking for some great educational graphic novel choices? I love when graphic novels include a sprinkling of non-fiction concepts throughout the pages making them perfect for comic fans but also a great way to introduce STEM concepts. Take a look at some of my recommended titles below:

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Books for National Good Neighbor Day

Did you know that National Neighbor Day is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of the month? There seems to be some contrasting information on when it is actually celebrated (Brownie Locks and other sites list it as always being on September 26), but celebrating neighborhoods where people live, work, and play happily together is something that I can get behind on any day of the year.

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Warning: This Will Be Your Toughest Customer.

After working for 20 plus years as a children’s librarian, I feel very comfortable with young people. I’m good at getting them to open up and tell me what they are looking for. Children come in with parents in tow, after visiting the library with their class. “Remember me?” they ask, and I always let them know that they are unforgettable.

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Interview with Author Deborah Hopkinson

Author Deborah Hopkinson describes her research process in her latest book for young readers, DIVE! World War II Stories of Sailors & Submarines in the Pacific. She shares the tremendous impact librarians and libraries played in shaping her childhood experiences. I received a complimentary ARC of DIVE! in preparation for this blog interview.

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Transform your Programs with your Expertise

Libraries Transform: The Expert in the Library is ALA’s new motto. It invites libraries to alter the course of our community presence to introduce library services that are aligned to the needs of the community. You might believe that libraries have been already doing that for many years, but the idea of “transformation” goes beyond what we already know.

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Nintendo for the Win

Circulating Nintendos is a great idea for your library

If your library circulates video games you may also have a collection that gives DVDs a run for their money. Over the past few years we have witnessed a growing increase in the circulation of kid’s, teen, and adult games. Nearing the end of the library’s fiscal year I glanced at the top circulating games in the Children’s Library and wasn’t surprised to see that Mario dominated the list.