ALA Midwinter 2017

FaceTime with Rep. John Lewis at #alamw17

Representative John Lewis was signing March: Book 3 at 4pm on Sunday, and I wanted to be there!

I headed over to where he was signing and the line looked long. They were about to close it but I snuck in at the end. One swipe of a credit card later and the fabulous Ellen Myrick from Publisher Spotlight was handing me the box set of the books. The people in line bubbled and murmured with excitement to meet the real life hero.

Here is a picture of my moment: 

I was (and still am) giddy with ALL THE FEELS after meeting him. Here is photographic proof:

In true fan girl fashion, I waited with a group of people to watch him leave. Then my librarian husband and 2 year old son rang in with FaceTime. We were quietly chatting when around the corner comes JOHN LEWIS walking. I switched to the outwardview so my family could partake in the experience.

A flurry of movements later and my signed copy was in the hands of Rep. Lewis for a photo op!

My family was still there virtually when Rep. Lewis came over to shake hands and say good bye to the crowds. I pulled the phone down to shake his hand and a handler jokingly said “she’s recording– we need to delete that footage”. I nervously explained that I was doing FaceTime with my family. Then this happened:

I introduced my family to the living legend Rep. John Lewis via FaceTime!! And then I cried and cried and cried with excitement and joy and nerves.

Best. Moment. Ever.

Thank you Rep. John Lewis for being the most kind, brave, courageous human!

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  1. Nancy Johnson

    Not one moment of this surprises me. THIS is what class is all about.

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