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Morning Jam Session, Story Time Style

One of the sessions that I most looked forward to at #pla2014 was Wee Be Jammin: Using Music to Promote Early Literacy in the Library.  I am a big music person when it comes to story time.  My undergrad degree is in music and I have used it to develop music-based programs at the library.  This group of Chicago-area presenters had stuff that I have not heard of before and I really learned a lot.  From adding hand motions to “Hickory Dickory Dock” to singing a clean up song for getting your scarves back in the bag, I was furiously scribbling notes and singing along.  What was even more fantastic was that the music and developmental theory was given for each story time age group.

In case you missed this session as it was full, the handouts are on the PLA conference web site.  In addition, the presenters have even more sample programs and handouts online at  I highly encourage you to check them out or even bring them to your local library conferences.

Lisa Mulvenna
Head of Youth Services
Clinton-Macomb Public Library

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