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Makerbox: No Space Required #pla2014

In case you missed it, this session was the place to be this morning.  500 librarians filled the room to learn all about creating a maker space without a dedicated space.  The trick is to make boxes containing all of your supplies and trade between libraries!

The session started off with a competitive marshmallow challenge between 2 teams.  This a great activity for both kids an teens.  The four speakers then discussed how they got a grant to put their Maker Boxes together and programs that spawned from them.

While my library can’t do something on this scale, I am really intrigued with the concept of smaller Maker Boxes for our community to use, especially our local teachers.

Lisa Mulvenna
Head of Youth Services
Clinton-Macomb Public Library

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  1. Angela Reynolds

    This is a great idea! Wish I had been there to hear the whole thing. Wheels are turning…

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