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Indianapolis Public Library at #pla2014

I am one of those people who have great fun checking out libraries when I am out and about.  When my group had a couple of free hours this morning, we headed over to the Indianapolis Public Library’s Central Library.  If you are ever in downtown Indy, definitely check it out.  The children’s area is called The Learning Curve and has a big technology focus. From QR code scavenger hunts to staff with lab coats, it is definitely neat!  My favorite part about the area was the story time area with the giant green screen.  People have the opportunity to do actions in front of the screen and either see themselves driving a race car or doing the weather report.  I asked staff how they use it with story time and they said that they do their regular story time, then give the kids time at the end to interact with the green screen.

Lisa Mulvenna
Head of Youth Services
Clinton-Macomb Public Library

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  1. Kristin Pekoll

    We have family in Indianapolis and got a chance to visit the library our first weekend there. I have more pictures of the library than I do of the whole rest of the weekend. The green room is great. I love the listening pods. My favorite is the floor of music.

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