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Breakfast at #pla2014

One of the neat things about conferences are the connections that you can make.  When setting up my PLA schedule, I looked for the extras beyond the traditional sessions.  This morning I took part in a breakfast by Rosen Publishing.  Despite the early hour (7 is early for me), I sat down with other librarians and we got to discuss issues concerning the profession.  Rosen started us off with the question “What keeps you up at night?”  For me, it is finding a good programming balance for our department.  How many is too many programs?  Is there a minimum requirement?  How do you deal with burnout and get refreshed since it is different for every staff member?  I got to talk with other librarians and get feedback on my thoughts, while addressing their issues too.  If you have a chance, I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunities available to connect with your peers.


Lisa Mulvenna
Head of Youth Services
Clinton-Macomb Public Library

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