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Warm and Cozy

We were in the waning hours of the polar vortex during this week’s Wednesday morning story time, so we had a small yet appreciative crowd for our “warm and cozy” theme.  Although these books are not specifically about winter, they are perfect reads for any cold winter day, even if you’re not experiencing record level low temperatures.


Bears in Beds

(image taken from Scholastic website)

Big Brown Bear has successfully settled all the little bears into their respective bears. All is calm; suddenly, a weird moaning sound is heard! The security of Big Brown Bear’s bed undoubtedly offers the best protection from a very loud wind.  It’s rather cramped, but oh so cozy and safe.  Young children will love the snuggle-worthy bears, the rollicking rhymes, and the feeling of security that comes with the protection and closeness of an understanding parent.  Not only is this a great “cozy” story time, but it’s a sweet read for a Father’s Day program.  Shirley Parenteau’s Bears in Chairs, also featuring this lovable bear family, is also a must for your collection.

(image not available)

Deb Gliori’s Flora’s Blanket is ideal for a toddler group story time; big illustrations, the perfect balance between dialogue and action, and a storyline to which many young children can relate.  Flora’s beloved blanket is missing, and she simply cannot cope without it. The entire family–parents and siblings all–search everywhere (and I mean everywhere: the bathroom, the sandbox, and even the fridge) for the blanket, with Flora growing more upset over the missing blanket. Exhausted after a day-long search, the family calls it a night; but not without Flora’s parents finding the blanket tucked away in their bed.


Growing Vegetable Soup

(image taken from Scholastic website)

Soup is fine any time of the year, but when the wind chill is below zero, it’s very much welcomed.  Lois Ehlert’s Growing Vegetable Soup recounts the efforts of a father and child growing vegetables, which are eventually used for a comforting pot of soup. As is typical with Ehlert’s books, tools and vegetables are clearly labeled, which adds further enrichment to the story.


Move Over Rover

(image taken from Scholastic website)

I haven’t met a Karen Beaumont picture book that I didn’t like.  Move Over, Rover was the highlight of our Wednesday story time.  Rover is safe, snug, and sheltered from the rain.  Cat wants to escape the rain and hang out in the dog house–“move over, Rover.”  Other animals, including a snake and a mouse, seek a dry and warm place from the elements.  Just when the doghouse is cramped, but still somewhat comfortable, along comes a particularly unwelcome animal….who is welcome to enjoy the doghouse all to himself.  Illustrations and text merge together to make a lyrical and funny read aloud.

Do you have any favorite stories that would fit a “warm and cozy” read aloud? Tell us in the comments!



  1. Renee

    My family has been sharing a cuddling story recently. On Mother’s Lap by Ann Herbert Scott and illustrated by Glo Coalson takes place in the home of an Eskimo family. After coming in from the cold, Michael and his mother cuddle up on a rocking chair. They go “back and forth, back and forth.” Each time, Michael decides he needs to add another something in with his cuddling time with mom, such as his dolly, his boat, and his blanket. When his baby sister starts to cry and mom suggests that the baby sits with them, Michael says that there isn’t any room. But indeed, they all fit and on the rocking chair together because “there is always room on Mother’s lap.” We like to snuggle together and sway back and forth like we are on a rocking chair each time that line is repeated through the book. I could see this book being a great one to share with a lap-sit story time so the caregivers and babies could sway along with the book.

  2. Jennifer Schultz

    Renee-I adore On Mother’s Lap. It’s one I recommend when people ask for books about a new sibling. It’s fantastic. Thank you for sharing your story!

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