Extending Books Beyond the Page at #ala2013

Extending books beyond the page is a big part of my personal library philosophy. Getting a kid to read a book is great, but getting a kid to take the ideas and stories from the book and use it to spark creativity and curiosity is even better. Today at the conference I attended several sessions that were chock full of creative ideas that are sure to inspire kids to create and explore.

This morning the panel of presenters in Multicultural Programming for Families made me want to rush back to work to plan a program to celebrate the wonderfully diverse cultures of our world as they shared pictures and insight into planning multicultural programs, such as Dia.

Immediately following I attended the Take Ten with Teens and Tweens presented by three librarians from the Anne Arundel County Public Library. These energetic ladies presented the group with 10 easy, creative (and cheap!) programming ideas that have been well attended and received by their young users. The variety was thrilling, from zombie invasions to blackout poetry.

Lastly, I laughed until my sides hurt while watching the amazingly creative films made by kids for the 90 Second Newbery Film Festival. The festival’s creator James Kennedy pointed out that these films don’t just encourage kids to read Newbery titles, but they also encourage collaboration, as well as exploration.

I can only hope the sessions I attend tomorrow will be as lively, entertaining, and inspiring!

About Amy Forrester

Amy graduated with her MLS from Texas Woman’s University and is currently a children’s librarian at the Central Children’s Library of the Denver Public Library. She is always on the look out for creative ways to incorporate the arts into children’s services and programming to extend books beyond the page.
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2 Responses to Extending Books Beyond the Page at #ala2013

  1. Roxie Munro says:

    Wow, sounds so creative, Amy. Do you work with any interactive apps? I’ve been doing content (creating the art) for a new product, giant kid’s interactive walk-in picture books. ( http://www.kiwistorybooks.com/ ) which will have cool apps designed to interact with them. Takes the picture book into the participatory phase in a big way, literally. BTW, hello to the Anne Arundel County librarians…I grew up in rural southern AA Co!

    • Amy Musser says:

      Wow! Sounds intriguing. I haven’t had a chance to explore many apps. I come from a performing arts background (music, dance, theatre) so I tend to lean toward using these methods of creavity and exploration, but I’m always looking for new ideas. Thanks for the heads up and the shout out!

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