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A Radio Show? Sure!

Among the many things on the list of “things that I did not learn in library school” is “Produce/create/or anything to do with a radio show”. I don’t know the first thing about radio, but when a streaming Internet radio station launched in my community, I thought the library should get on board. The best way to get started on anything, especially something you know nothing about is to connect with the right people. So I got together with some talented library staffers, pestered the radio staff with questions, called a brilliant local musician* and LibRadio was born.

The Cobb Radio features music as well as programs of local interest. LibRadio was conceived as an informative variety show with several segments including:

  • From the Director’s Desk: Library Director Audrey Betcher updates the community on items of interest.
  • Discover Rochester: Historian and Communications Manager John Hunziker reflects on Rochester’s past.
  • This Just In: Library staff share reviews of new items.
  • Shouty Librarian Call In Show: Shouty was created for another library project and was brought back by popular demand to answer questions for this call in show.
  • Come On Down: Library staff share information about programs or special events.
  • LIVE From…: Features an area of the library in a not-so-serious way.
  • Book Mash Up Machine: Ever wonder what would happen if you threw two books into the book mash up machine? Wonder no more, here is the answer.
  • And More!: The great thing about a library radio show – the possibilities are endless.

LibRadio is still rather young, next week we will air our fourth episode, so we are still figuring out the best way to get the shows together. The most important lesson we have learned yet is quite simple: record in bulk and edit as soon as recording is done. This makes putting together the weekly episode a breeze. The other important lesson that I am learning: it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be fun and informative.

If you would like to give LibRadio a listen, here are some episodes to choose from:

LibRadio Episode 1: Includes LIVE from the Art Room, From the Director’s Desk, Discover Rochester, Shouty Librarian Call in Show and more!

LibRadio Episode 2: Includes Book Mash Up Machine, Come on Down!, Did You Know?, This Just In and more!

LibRadio Episode 3: Includes Emergency Bookcast System, Come on Down!, From the Director’s Desk, Shouty Librarian Call in Show and more!

The moral of the story: don’t be afraid to try new stuff, even if you have no idea what you are doing! The best part of LibRadio has not been the fame and fortune that has come along with it; the best part is simply having a project that brings library staff from across the building together. Our staff is extremely talented and I love that so many people are part of this project; everyone has talent to share and the community wins.

*Disclaimer: I live with said musician and he made me say that.

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  1. Dianna Burt

    Heather, You are fearless! I love that about you! So glad this new endeavor is going well.

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