The view from the couch

I woke up Monday morning with a sore throat. Too bad, I had 2 presentations that I had to couchdo at a staff function, and no-one else could do them. So I did it. Tuesday, stayed home to rest and get better, because Wednesday I was scheduled to attend a Literacy Summit. But come Wednesday, still feverish and coughing. Would YOU want to sit next to me at this meeting? Office mates polled said “No, stay away from me”.  So off I go, back home to the couch, cups of tea, and my Harry Potter book. Why is this so compelling that I decided to write about it?  It is the Illness Dilemma – when do you decide to stay home? Presentations that no-one else can do, for an event that has been scheduled for over 6 months?  Scheduled for storytime (and you are the only one who can do it)? Planned a special program and lots of kids are signed up? Being at the table for a Literacy Summit? The library should be there! I was the only library person invited! (I was planning to do my blog post about the summit).  I spent several hours of an internal debate over this one.  I really felt I should be there. Then again, I hate being at an event and sitting next to the sick person.  What do YOU do? I finally decided that I made the right decision, but it was certainly a moral dilemma for me.  And please forgive the brevity of this post. I don’t feel so good…..

About Angela Reynolds

Head of Youth Services for a rural library system in Nova Scotia.
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