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A Dia Family Book Club @your Library

Celebrating Dia with a Family Book Club
The Dia Family Book Club at the Joliet Public Library
Looking for ways to implement Dí­a programs in your library? Why not start a Dí­a Family Book Club? The Dí­a Family Book Club is a reading program that engages children and families in the shared reading and discussion of contemporary children’s literature that reflects our common plurality.

Hosting a Dí­a Family Book Club in your library means families and children have the opportunity to work together in a positive environment. It also means:

  • exploring familiar themes and issues
  • analyzing stories
  • learning new vocabulary
  • building comprehension skills
  • developing and nurturing strong reading habits
  • practicing crucial thinking

The Dí­a Book Club also provides families with opportunities to discover the world of knowledge and information at the public library. They can:

  • apply for library cards
  • check out books
  • learn about the multiplicity of services and programs available at the public library

This toolkit includes resources to help your library successfully implement a Dí­a Family Book Club and keep the Dí­a Celebration alive at your library throughout the year.

Looking for an example? The Joliet (Ill.) Public Library recent held their Dia Family Book Club program on Tuesday, April 2. The program included:

Name: Family Readers/Lectores de Familia Book Club
Target age: 3-8 yrs old
# of participants: 59 adults and 76 kids at the event.
Featured title: Tortillas & Lullabies by Lynn Reiser

At the event they read the book, drew pictures with their families and presented to a group, and made tortillas.

If you’d like to host a similar event at your library, make sure to visit the Dia homepage for more information. Download the Dia Family Book Club Toolkit while you’re there!

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