You know you’re a children’s librarian when …

You know you’re a children’s librarian when …

you don’t mind being seen in public reading Captain Underpants!  “Tra la la!”

Bonus points if you do the “flip-o-rama”, too!

If you read nothing else from this latest adventure, run to your shelf and read Chapter 2 right now.  It will be your laugh for the day.  (No offense meant to Patricia MacLachlan or Sarah, Plain and Tall.) Did I pique your curiosity yet?

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In addition to being a librarian, Lisa is a wife, mother, and Phillies fan ”“ not necessarily in that order, especially during baseball season. You may find her blogging at Shelf-employed (
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  1. Kristin Readel, Greenfield says:

    I LOVE the Extra Crunchy Book of Fun … the name formula activity.

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