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Save the Date: ALSC Community Forum, Feb. 26 & Mar. 6

The ALSC Board of Directors and ALSC President Carolyn Brodie will be hosting an ALSC Community Forum two live chats on the topic of eBooks and children’s services. In addition to the 45 minutes of discussion, these forums will include quick announcements from Midwinter and a time for questions at the end.

Your two opportunities to join in the discussion are:

  • Tuesday, February 26 at 4pm EST (3pm CST, 2pm MDT, 1pm PST)
  • Wednesday, March 6 at 2pm EST (1pm CST, 12pm MDT, 11am PST)

What’s my time zone?

Members from the ALSC Children and Technology Committee and the ALSC Book Award Seals on E-book Versions will be on hand for the discussion and will submit questions raised by their groups in regard to eBooks.

Members are encouraged to attend at either of these times or both. Can’t make it to either time? Even after the Forum ends, the conversation continues on ALA Connect. ALSC will be posting other questions and a transcript from the live Forum. Whether or not you can join in the live Forum, please add your voice by leaving a comment.

You can access the chat directly via ALSC’s main page on ALA Connect (log-in required). Need help accessing the ALSC Community Forum? Visit ALSC’s Community Forum page for more information about getting logged on to ALA Connect. There are also links to previous ALSC Community Forums chats. Questions? Contact Dan Rude by email, or by phone, 800-545-2433 ext 2164.

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  1. childrens walls

    I love the idea! I would like to try it, but my concern is that I will have to re-locate the kids out of their room until the paint dries … How long does the whole project take? You mention six coats of magnetic paint. How much time do you have to wait between coats? How much time do you have to wait after the last magnetic coat before you can paint the final color? How many coats of final color are neededed? Thank you so much in advance!

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