ALA Midwinter 2013

In the Words of Dorothy #alamw13

photo(1)You may remember (if you’ve watched The Wizard of Oz even half the number of times I have) that as Dorothy and The Scarecrow turned towards Oz and The Scarecrow struggled with his footing, Dorothy said to him, “You’re not starting out very well.”

Such is this trip to ALA Midwinter. Here is where I stand (well, sit): I am in the Minneapolis airport waiting on an update on the “broken bolt” on the aircraft that I was supposed to board an hour ago.

I will miss the meeting I am supposed to attend this afternoon, but there is nothing to be done about that. I hope that I can make the events on my schedule for this evening. I am glad that they found the broken bolt on the ground, but I am ready to get moving!


  1. Mary Voors


    Hope your travels improve!

  2. Kate Todd

    Traveling to Midwinter is always an adventure.
    We were held up by an hour while the whole plane was rearranged to accommodate a family traveling with two cats and the amazing number of people who claimed to be allergic to cats.
    Hope things improve.
    Kate Todd

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