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ALA Connect and You!

Have you checked out ALA Connect lately?  If you have worked on a committee for ALA or ALSC, you may have posted documents online or posted comments but are you aware of some of the other possibilities offered?

On ALA Connect you can create a profile, find co-workers, friends, and colleagues and network, too. You can also find committees, round tables, or communities that may be of interest to you.  By choosing to follow communities or interest groups, you can receive updates to their posts as well as share information.  The Children and Technology Committee have decided to begin posting websites, apps, ideas and other items of interest on our Interest Group page.  Anyone can choose to follow this page, so if you have an interest in technology as it relates to children’s services, or if you have a question or ideas for the committee, become a voice in this useful forum.  Another fun community to check out is Library Boing Boing.  Not finding what you want?  You can always create your own member community.

If you are working on a committee, ALA Connect is also a good place to collaborate or set up online meetings.  Not only can you upload documents, spreadsheets, pdfs and many other tools, you can also create online docs that can be collaborated on.  Another useful feature is the online chat.  The Children and Technology Committee have been using this feature to meet twice a month.  Chats are then archived so you are able to go back and review what was talked about.  You can also create polls for members to vote on.

This post is by no means a comprehensive list of the functionality of ALA Connect.  Rather, a hope that it gives you some ideas about how you can begin to work with your fellow colleagues on Connect.  Also, it should be mentioned the there will be an update soon with the layout that will make the site even more user friendly.

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  1. Jeanette Stickel

    Thank you! I’ll check out ALA Connect. I posted about our school library this morning in hopes of generating some needed support. Libraries are critical to the future of students everywhere and I can’t say enough in appreciation of the committed librarians who staff them.

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