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Libraries, Multimedia, and Technology

#PLA 2012 Chris Cerf award winning co-creator and co-producer of PBS’ Between the Lions  spoke at the Libraries, Multimedia, and Technology session. He is working with the AWE company to bring his interactive learning products to children all over the country.  He demonstrated how it works and it was very cool. The technology is easy to use and fun. Kids can click on words and an animated dictionary will show them the definition of a word. Young children can teach themselves reading skills by exploring the many aspects of the technology.  Cerf has seen through his work with libraries and schools that literacy improves when videos and games are introduced to children as a learning tool. He noted that when children watch their favorite characters on T.V. or online, they get very excited to read about them.

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Kudos, Philadelphia #pla12

The weather might have something to do with it, but Philadelphia so far has been a treat. What’s great about this city is that everything is very walkable. Every where it seems that I go, I see blue PLA badge holders. And of course, smiling librarians. One of the nicest things about having PLA in Philadelphia is the Reading Terminal Market. It’s so close to the convention center and has a ton of great lunch options. After seeing so many people on the exhibition floor, I have really enjoyed running into them again at the market. We all have to eat, right? Tonight we have the ALSC Happy Hour from 8-10 at McGillin’s. I’m really looking forward to seeing all to of the new and returning ALSC members (and friends) outside of the convention center. Philadelphia has been a great host and hopefully McGillin’s will continue that tradition! Thanks Philly!

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My First Day at #PLA2012 (So Far)

I began my first day at #PLA2012 in beautiful Philadelphia with a much needed latte and bagel at Old City Coffee. Like probably many of my fellow attendees, I did not attend the pre-conference events, but started bright and early this morning with the general sessions and of course scouring the exhibit hall for the latest books and products. It’s hard to distill just one or two big, important things from the sessions I’ve attended so far. There’s already so much swimming through my head, already two tote bags full of arcs, catalogs, business cards, swag, etc, and a third coming along nicely (how am I going to get this all back to my library?). I probably won’t fully digest most of this new stuff until I’m well at home, back at work, and ready to push towards the next big thing, or at least the next storytime. That said,…

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Every Child Ready to Read @PLA2012

PLA2012 is a buzz with talk of Every Child Ready to Read 2nd Edition. This morning I co presented at “Early Literacy and Learning Spaces” and then attended “Every Child Ready to Read in Action”. It was so exciting to hear about what so many libraries are doing for early literacy all over the county. From beautiful spaces, practical places to energetic workshops for staff, parents and caregivers. The conference rooms for these presentations buzzed with excitement and ideas to be carried home. It was a joy to talk with excited professionals about what they are doing to promote the five practices in the library as well as the home. It was invigorating to over hear conversations about what ideas will be implemented into children’s spaces and programs at small and large libraries alike. What are you doing to promote early literacy at your libraries in your children’s space or…

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Lunchtime in the Exhibit Hall at #PLA12

At the 12:15 conclusion of the previous session, most of my fellow librarians headed out for lunch. I had every intention of doing that myself, but decided to see if a friend in publishing was free to grab lunch before I left. Which is how I found myself in the exhibit hall at 12:30 this afternoon. I quickly realized that this was the best possible time to be in the hall and abandoned all thoughts of lunch. The hall was delightfully airy and seemed almost empty. There were other librarians there, but not nearly enough to occupy all the vendors. I got more ARCs, business cards, and attention in that hour than I could have ever imagined. I was invited to a summer book preview because the publishing representative was able to talk to me for 15 uninterrupted minutes without being rude to other visitors – there were no other…

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STEM and ECRR at #PLA12

How many acronyms do you think I can fit in one headline? As with any library event, the possibilities for acronyms are endless. All the acronyms represented at the panel I just attended deserved equal mention in the title, since they’re all equally important to a children’s librarian. “Has your library been infected by the STEM disease yet?” was the question that kicked off the Every Child Ready to Read: Fun With Math and Science panel, and the answer as far as my library is concerned is “yes, yes, yes!” Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs are sweeping the nation, and this panel presented on ways to incorporate STEM into programs for the youngest of patrons, especially 2 – 5 year olds. Using ECRR techniques that most children’s librarians are already familiar with, you can incorporate STEM activities like sorting, matching, sequencing, and proportion into all your early childhood storytimes….