A Lovely Welcome to PLA and Philadelphia

#PLA12 We received a lovely welcome to PLA and Philadelphia today.  The weather was fabulous and the convention hall was decked out and ready to greet us. Since we preregistered, our badges and bags of information were there waiting. There are many excellent program choices for children’s services. New ideas keep us young for the kids.  I am excited to hear about them and share a few with all of you.   Author Kevin Henkes is speaking on Thursday. His session is the one I am looking forward to hearing the most. I have been using the PLA app to plan my days. It had been an excellent organization and information tool.  


4 Steps to Poetry Month Success with Book Spine Poems

Am I a poet in the traditional sense? Nay. My expertise doesn’t stretch much beyond the “roses are red” variety. While I appreciate and am amazed by the poetically-minded, I have trouble pulling the stuff off myself. But book spine poetry is a different story. The concept is simple – stack books using the titles on the spines to create a poem. The learning curve is low, the results are often awesome – it’s a natural fit for a National Poetry Month program for kids. Inspired by artist Nina Katchadourian, book spine poems (or “centos”) have been my form of choice to celebrate National Poetry Month for the past two years. I’ve spread the word on my blog, 100 Scope Notes, and gathered the work of others to share. With April fast approaching, I encourage you to give book spine poetry a shot with your young patrons. Here are my…

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Pirates in the Library!

Pirates have always been a big favorite at the library. It seems that kids of all ages, from toddlers just learning how to say “aargh” to tweens searching for the latest Peter and the Starcatchers book, have a fascination with all things pirate. So why not make the most of that by hosting a Pirate Book Party at your library! This program is the best of all worlds: it’s cheap, fun, plus, it’s popular across all ages and genders. At our party, we limited it to kids in Kindergarten through 3rd grade but it could work for any age group with some minor tweaking of the crafts and games. Here’s what we did: The first hour of the party was devoted to crafts, booktalks, trivia, and a game of pirate bingo. The crafts were super cheap and easy. We made newspaper swords, construction paper pirate hats, and treasure maps. If…