ALA Midwinter 2012

Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool at #alamw12

After settling into my hotel last night, my coworker and I decided to hit the town! After sharing a delectable banana split at the Omni Hotel, we headed over to the YA Lit Trivia Night FUNraiser put on by our friends over at YALSA. Allow me a moment of true confession: In the past, I had been just a teeny, tiny bit intimidated of YALSA events. They just seemed so cool and flawlessly edgy- like your glamourously punk older sister who always kicked you out of her room when her friends came over. Well, I’m happy to report that the YALSAites I’ve had the pleasure to meet were incredibly welcoming, super fun, and just as dorky as the rest of us. But a note of warning- they know their trivia something fierce. I got my tush handed to me on that count.

Next up was heading to the Hyatt for hanging with old and new friends in the lounge. I caught up with a former coworker who now works in a school and met about seven new people- a mix of librarians, publishers, and reps. The more I attend conferences, the more I realize that the somewhat impromptu social events I attend after hours are sometimes just as invigorating as the scheduled ones. You never know who may join your table and start a conversation about literature, awards, eBooks, and the future of library service.

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