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Posters! Posters! at #ala11

What do you get when you put 95 young, passionate librarians in a room together? This morning ALA’s 2011 Class of Emerging Leaders reconvened for a discussion of leadership and to display the projects we’ve been working on since January. I had the pleasure of working with some fabulous team members and mentors and, while I’m relieved that the work is done, I’ll definitely miss working with them. Here’s a sampling of the posters, and please check out the 2011 Emerging Leaders project pages!

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Feeding time for the librarians

“Even my failures are edible,” that’s the tag line at Johnny’s Po-Boys in the French Quarter, where, judging by the crowd, many librarians attending #ALA11 stopped for lunch. The sandwiches were delicious! Can you spot the librarians? Besides the food, a tour of the city was also a highlight of the day. The exhibit hall opens tonight! Lots of great stuff to come …

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Intellectual Freedom 101 session at #ala11

Attendance was good at this session and the information shared was useful. The session opened with an overview of the basic fundamentals of intellectual freedom: Intellectual freedom is the right to read Intellectual freedom is the right to view Intellectual freedom is the right to think Intellectual freedom is the right to express your opinions ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) bases their work on the Library Bill of Rights. This session was a good reminder about how important it is for all of us to embrace these principles. Some of the other information which was shared included: the annual Banned Books Week, to be held this year from September 21 – October 1 Choose Privacy Week, held the first week of May each year Committee on Professional Ethics (Have you read the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association recently?) I found it very useful to be reminded…

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Best Websites for Teaching and Learning

The #ALA11 preconference held by AASL on Top 25 Web Sites for Teaching and Learning provided very interesting resources, looking at a range of different websites for teaching and learning. It was a great chance to hear from librarians and teachers about what was working in their schools. I came away excited to try some new sites this summer! I was particularly interested in the Media Sharing sites presented by Linda Friel, of Simmons College. Tagxedo helps students arrange words in visual stimulating and interesting ways. It seems similar to Wordle, but more flexible. You can choose a shape to arrange your set of words within. I can see our 3rd graders getting excited creating culminating posters for their African Animal reports in the shape of their animal. I would also be able to embed some lessons on key words as part of this creative exercise. If you’re interested in…

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Pre-exhibit Thoughts

Putting a book into a librarian’s hands at #ala11 gives me joy.  It takes me back to the time I worked in stores and put books into people’s hands all day long.  ALA is one of the few opportunities for me to see the reaction to the book.  And what I love about librarians is that their feedback is so honest.  It helps me throughout the year how I present to my library wholesalers.

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Comfort is a shoe-in!

When, while packing for #ALA11, the urge comes upon me to include fabulous footwear that will blow those NY publishers/editors out of the water, I take a deep breath and remember that they will be standing around in an air-conditioned exhibit hall all day – while I will be slogging from convention center to hotel to convention center in 90+ degree heat. Right! Sensible footwear it is! But the last time I was in NOLA for Annual, it rained so much that my shoes literally disintegrated, and my feet and legs swelled so much I had to apply Body Shop Cooling Spray every five minutes. The peppermint smell was overpowering, but it was better than smelling like sweaty feet. My answer to the Shoe Dilemma? Pack lots of comfy pairs and avert your eyes from the exhibitors’ sleek footwear. Eva Mitnick

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Setting Up the ALSC Booth at #ala11

The ALSC Booth at the ALA Annual Conference Pavilion will eventually be world-class, but at 8 AM, it looked a little bare. It’s 10 AM now and it looks a lot different. Big thanks to Membership Committee Member Rachel who put in a lot of hard work today on the Exhibition Hall floor. Here’s a picture of the booth at 8 AM. This is the ‘before’ picture. I’ll post the ‘after’ picture later today.