Blogger Jeanette Larson

Earth Day and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

book cover of Roscoe and the Pelican Rescue

 Next month a lot of library programs will focus on Earth Day. April 20 is also the anniversary of the worst ecological disaster in US history, the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. I just had the opportunity to review a new picture book that features kids involved in the clean up. Roscoe and the Pelican Rescue is a delightful book written and illustrated by Lynn Rowe Reed, publishing in April from Holiday House.  Perfect for storytimes, a young boy is looking forward to days at the beach with his cousin and his cousin’s dog, Roscoe. But when they get to the beach it is closed due to the oil spill. Roscoe discovers three pelicans that are covered in oil. The cousins take the pelican to a rescue center where they learn how to clean them up, tag them, and release them back to…

Blogger Mary R. Voors

Guilty Pleasures

I’ll admit it. One of my guilty pleasures is watching The Celebrity Apprentice. A part of me always feels like I should be doing something else more valuable than watching Donald Trump and waiting for his weekly “You’re Fired!” line, but Sunday night rolls around and I make sure I have the DVR set so I will be sure not to miss a minute. This week’s episode promises to tie together my love of children’s books with my heretofore (mostly hidden) love of this TV show. In this week’s episode, the celebrity participants must write an original children’s book and perform it for a group of 4 and 5 year olds. Their work will be evaluated by actress Robin Holly and Marshall Cavendish Children’s Book publisher Margery Cuyler. The winning celebrity team will present a charity of their choice with a check; last season over 1.25 million dollars was raised…