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2011 Sibert Award call for suggestions

The 2011 ALSC/Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Award Committee is asking the ALSC membership to submit titles for consideration. The Sibert Award is presented annually to the author, author/illustrator, co-authors or author and illustrator of the most distinguished informational book published during the preceeding year. Honor books may be named. Informational books are defined as those written and illustrated to present, organize, and interpret documentable factual material for children from birth through age fourteen.  Poetry and traditional literature are not eligible. Authors and illustrators must be U.S. citizens or residents. Other terms and criteria can be found on the ALSC website. The 2011 Sibert Commitee calls on ALSC members to submit titles for consideration. Please remember, only informational books from the  2010 publishing year are under consideration for this award. Suggestions will be solicited and accepted throughout the year. Please submit your suggestions to the committee chair, Barbara Brand at…

Institute 2010

Taming the Wild West: Ideas to Take Home

The 2008 ALSC Institute in Salt Lake City was the very first that I had ever attended. Though I felt sure it would be good, the Institute was even more valuable than I had imagined. Not only were the sessions quite motivational, but some of them included ideas that I could take home and use right away. We have been doing some ‘tween groups here that we modeled after the ones we saw presented in Salt Lake. Other sessions featured ideas that we adapted to our own needs, or that at the very least led us to other ideas. Institute staff was also very friendly, and though friendliness is not necessary to make a conference worthwhile, it is certainly a nice bonus. Betty Collins Youth Services Librarian Muscatine, Iowa