What I Wasn't Taught in Library School...

What I Wasn’t Taught in Library School… Guest Book-talker

One of my first years book-talking I was in an elementary classroom and noticed the kids were not really paying attention to me, and instead watching something behind me.  Turns out it was a mouse scurrying through the classroom!  After some time, the teacher went out and got the custodian, who in turn brought in one of those “sticky” traps.

Well you can guess what happened–a little while later the mouse got stuck and started squealing during my presentation.  I just couldn’t continue with that poor little mouse squealing like that, so I picked up the trap and took it down the hall to find the janitor.  (And asked him if he could figure out how to save the poor little creature.)  When I came back, I was able to continue my book-talk, which serendipitously included a book with a mouse!

Elaine Bearden
Children’s Librarian
The Urbana Free Library

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  1. douglas florian

    Great story! I once presented in a gym filled with 300 kids on a hot June day. When a huge wasp entered the open door all of them screamed for 5 minutes until the custodian swatted it.

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