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Books for Babies Matching Funds

This would be a real help if you are doing a Books for Babies program already or thinking of starting one. In partnership with Nordstrom, Friends of Libraries USA (FOLUSA) will be granting 20 grants for $500 each to match $1,000 raised by selected Friends groups, women’s groups, libraries, and other non-profit organizations for purchasing Books for Babies kits from FOLUSA. Grant recipients do not need to be members of FOLUSA.  Applicants agree to order a minimum of $1,500 worth of Books for Babies kits, of which FOLUSA will pay $500. Therefore, the minimum commitment from applicants is $1,000. The 2009 application will be available January 1, 2009 and there are two funding cycles, applications  due April 1, 2009 and applications due October 1, 2009.

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  1. Jose

    Good initiative, I hope it is a success and come out great books. Thank You.

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